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Episode 3

Chances are you’ve been on more than one diet in your life, I know I have. A diet is any type of restrictive eating, whether it be a juice cleanse (cleanses are bullshit by the way). Telling yourself you wont eat carbs until you get a date with Channing Tatum (hands off him, he’s mine). Or it could be a full on restriction of calories in order to starve your body into supermodelness. I am here to tell you why I will never go on a diet again, because my friends…that shit is fucked. 

Episode 2

Content warning: sexual assault, abuse on a minor, homelessness, self-esteem issues, alcoholism and eating disorders. This is my story of how I went from meek and mild - hating my fat body, being a door-mat with shitty jobs, loser boyfriends and all round sad existence. Into a confident and courageous Fierce Fatty who loves her fat body unapologetically, is relaxed around food, a best-selling author and TEDx speaker. I went from one extreme to the other so if you want to change your relationship with your body and food you SO can!


 Podcast 1

Welcome to The Fierce Fatty Podcast! The way we view and treat people who live in fat bodies is broken. Diets do not work, yet 50% of people will attempt yet another one this year. 91% of women are unhappy with the way their body looks and that stops them from participating in life fully. In this first episode learn the inspiration behind the podcast and what's to expect from future episodes.