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Who the heck are you?

hey, Iā€™m Victoria and I help plus sized women feel confident in their body So that they can wear the damn bikini without shame and live the life they deserve


I help you fall and stay in love with yourself and say buh-bye to diets for good!


I help women exude confidence, magnetism and power while saying true to themselves. I teach women to stand up and stand out for their genius and make the impact they are meant to make, and the world deserves to see.

Hey there! My name is Victoria S Welsby, the S stands for sexy. I grew up on the mean streets of Peterborough, UK.


I had a one pedal bicycle when I grew up as well as a healthy obsession with British boy band East 17 (the lead singer in that band ran himself over with his own car a few years back, have fun Googling that).  


I am a survivor of spousal abuse, homelessness, body image issues, crippling low self esteem and a childhood surrounded with poverty.


When I was 25, I moved to Vancouver, Canada where I have lived since. I left a successful 10 year corporate recruitment career to live the life of my dreams empowering women across the world to become their true badass selves.


I spread Body Positive and Fat Positive messages with my work as a Body Positivity Activist.


In my spare time (spare time?!) I teach at University of British Columbia, in my role as an Adjunct Professor.


I have spent thousands of hours and dollars on self development, coaching and therapy and have learnt an incredible amount about overcoming, some would say, were insurmountable odds.  


Let me share this with you.


Join me and other badass women who have taken uncertainty, doubt, and self sabotage and turned it into living our true authentic, exceptional lives.


Whether your life is stalling, low confidence is getting in your way to super success or body image issues mean that you're not eating cake and wearing that fabulous bikini.....I got you. I was you.


Why not check out my Vlogs or perhaps come visit me over at Instagram?