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Episode 1 Transcript

You're listening to the Fierce Fatty Podcast. I'm Victoria Welsby Tedx Speaker, best selling author and fat activist. I have transformed my life from hating my body with desperately low self esteem to being a courageous and confident Fierce Fatty who loves every inch of this jelly. Society teaches us living in a fat body is bad. But what if we spent less time, money, and energy on the pursuit of thinness and instead focused on the things that actually matter? Like if pineapple on pizza should be outlawed, or if the mullet was the greatest haircut of the 20th century. So how do you stop a negative beliefs about your fat body controlling your life? It's the Fierce Fatty Podcast. Let's begin.

This is episode one of the Fierce Fatty Podcast. I'm your host of Victoria Welsby. And O. M. G. I am so excited that you are here listening, tuning in to this podcast, which is going to be amazing, obviously. Um, so first episode here, I want to get into why I am creating this podcast, why it's needed, why it is important to me and to you and what to expect in the coming episodes. Um, so the reason why I've created, uh, the Fierce Fatty Podcast is I've run a business for a good few years now teaching uh, people to love their fat bodies, to feel confident around food. And I do weekly videos and I thought, you know, well people love listening to audio on the go. I know I do. When I'm getting ready in the morning, I listen to podcasts and when I'm out walking and all that stuff doing the washing, I'm listening to podcasts.

And so I wanted to get into your ears and spread this Fierce Fatty message around the world. And together we can change the world for those who come after us. And those who need to hear this message. So what fears fatty? Um, what the first fatty podcast is all about is it's anti diet. It's pro fatty. It's saying, listen, diets don't work, you know, 5% Max of diets. Um, we go on, we'll quote unquote work. Reality is, depending on your size, it's closer to nought perfect. And yet we keep doing it. The diet industry is worth $65 billion a year and 91% of women don't think that they're attractive. 91% of women, there's just bananas, right? And we get these messages most of the time from the moment we understand that we have a body. A lot of times we know what our body should be like.

And being fat is one of the things that we should not be or society tells us. And my story was very much that, you know, understanding from a very young age that my body was bigger than other children's bodies. And that was a bad thing. And because of that, I accepted so much shit into my life. Seriously. I'm going to share my story, uh, more in, in upcoming episodes. But, um, really my lack of self esteem in regard to my body led to disordered eating patterns led to being homeless, led to thinking it was okay to be abused, led to crap jobs led to just wasting so much time, money and effort on trying to become thin because I thought that becoming thin would make me happy, would mean that money was going to be running down from the sky, would mean that I could look in the mirror and be like, oh my God, who is this bird?

Babe would mean that I'd have amazing relationships, that just life would be great. And that's the lie that diet industry sells us because why would we be doing this shit like eating celery and dust for weeks at an end and starving ourselves if it wasn't for this dream that we were chasing. And it's not just the idea of having a smaller body, it's what having a smaller body means. And the truth is that you don't have to have a smaller body to get all of the things that you want. You can do that in the body that you have right now. And so a big thing about what I do is I teach, uh, enlightened eating, eating, which is a version of intuitive eating, but it's really focused on, uh, people living in bigger bodies because there's an extra element that US fatties have to deal with when it comes to eating that maybe people in smaller bodies don't have to deal with Aka experiencing fatphobia on a massive basis.

And so Fierce Fatty Podcast is all about looking at, uh, the food and, uh, what we're eating and how we're relating to that or the rules we have around that and looking at the way that we view our fat bodies. And really importantly, looking at the ways that we think about our fat bodies, the things that we believe that we believe to be truths, when in fact they're not. So a fact is something that is 100% true 100% of the time. And a lot of the times we have beliefs and we treat them like facts. Like I have a fat body. It's unattractive, I'm unlovable. I would be more attractive if I was them. Things like that. Is that, is that fact? Is it, is it, is it a fact? No, it's a belief. And so I really want to focus on shifting these limiting negative beliefs we have around our bodies and around food and getting rid of that diet culture bullshit from our lives because we haven't got time for that shit.

We are too busy being fabulous. Fatties taking over the world, just prancing around another keenis and feeling incredible. And if you're not at that place yet, them tune in to future episodes because we are going to get there. We're going to go through so many different topics. And so in the next episode I'm going to go into my story. And so from homeless homelessness and being abused and uh, all sorts of, all sorts of interesting things happening, um, to becoming a TEDX speaker, best selling author. And of course a certified at fierce fatty. Uh, we're also going to be looking at why diets are fucked. And so if you're on the fence, I'm dieting, or if you don't, maybe understand the full ramifications about dieting. Then tune into that next episode, episode three, where we're going to be talking about why diets are fucked. Um, we're talking about fat positivity versus dieting. I'm talking about these are our upcoming episodes, the three biggest fears we have about stopping dieting and loving our fat bodies and how to get over them. Why intuitive eating isn't working for you, why lacking confidence fucks with your life. All sorts of things. How to deal with fat phobia, internalized Fatphobia, how to deal with people around you who are like, oh my God, I'm starting this new diet where I just eat like mud and like a bird droppings.

Okay. And what does a, when someone in your life says shit like that. Ah, so lots of interesting, really juicy topics coming up in the future episodes of the Fierce Fatty Podcast Um, so I can't wait to get stuck in with you. Thank you so much for being here. Something that's going to be really helpful for spreading this message. And I know that you're the type of person who wants to spread this, uh, positive, positive and incredibly important message is to leave a review, a five star review, um, to subscribe to this podcast and to share it on social media and to say to people, Hey, tune in to this because this is a revolutionary stuff because really how much out there, uh, media are we consuming, which promotes a certain body type that is not really realistic and promotes eating in a certain way and dieting and, um, checking your body and all this bullshit and Fierce Fatty Podcast is not going to be that. It's going to be your refreshing dose of fat positivity in your life. So yes, spread the love, share the love, be involved in this, uh, Fierce Fatty revolution and let's change the world one fatty at a time. I'm so excited to get into these episodes with you. Uh, let's do it. Let's go into episode one. Come join me. It's going to be amazing.