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Medical Fatphobia

Hi. It's Victoria here. In this video we're talking about medical fatphobia, yay. Make sure you check out the links below to see if there's some free goodies in there for you. Hint, there is some free goodies. And, subscribe to this channel so you get even for more fatty content.

So, we live in a fatphobic society, and guess what? That extends to our medical professionals. They are fatphobic just like the rest of us. Two out of three doctors said that they prefer not to treat fat patients, and a lot of the time doctors see fat patients as non-compliant, trouble-makers, and will give them subpar treatment. A lot of the times doctors will prescribe weight loss for things which are no correlation to being fat. There's a funny meme out there that says, "Doctor, my arm has fallen off," and the doctor says, "Have you considered weight loss?" Obviously, that's the extreme. Hopefully that's not actually ever happened, but a lot of the times us fatties are told of the doctor to lose weight for everything for no reason, and it's really fucking annoying.

Not only is it annoying, it kills fat people, because we do not get the correct diagnoses. We are prescribed something that has very little efficacy. Diets work at a rate of two to five percent for those who try them, and increase the chances of you having more fat on your body, which doesn't necessarily mean you're more unhealthy, but it also increases your risk of having an eating disorder. So, they are prescribing something which will make you sicker. The reason is, is doctors are fatphobic like the rest of society.

Another thing that medical fatphobia does, it means that fat people do not go to the doctor, because they know all they're going to be told is, "Whoa, you're fat," and be told to lose weight. And so, a lot of fat people just don't go to the doctor. Again, this kills fat people. Fat people die, because of doctors' attitude towards us, and that shit is fucked.

So, what to do if you are fat and you want to go to the doctors? Hopefully you have a doctor that's not fatphobic, but chances are you have a doctor that is fatphobic. One line to remember when you're at the doctors and you have an ailment, or you need something addressing, and they say, "Lose weight." Say to them, "What would you prescribe to a thin person who has this condition? I will have that please, and thank you." If they say, "Lose weight," what do they actually mean? Do they mean they want you to eat in a different way? Then, that's fine. Do that. If they say they actually want you to increase your movement, then that's fine. You can do that.

But if they say they want you to lose weight, it's just not possible right? It's just not possible, and it's damaging to you. That reminder of, do fat people have this condition? If so, how do you treat them? I will have that please. And reminder, no matter what your size you deserve treatment. You deserve to be looked after, and to get the same care as anyone else in the world, no matter what your size. No matter if you're fat because you've eaten donuts, or no matter if you're fat for any other reason. It doesn't matter. You deserve healthcare. I know this is scary, because doctors are seen as the authority. But if you don't advocate for yourself, it could cause terrible consequences including death, which sucks. So, you have to be your number one advocate, and stand up when you're being told to lose weight, when that is not possible.

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