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Dealing with Internet Trolls

Hey. It's Victoria, and in this video, we are talking about internet trolls. Don't you love them?

Before we get started, I want to remind you to check out the links below for something free to make your brain happy, and subscribe to this channel so that you get even more videos into your inbox to make your brain happy again. I am a woman on the internet, so therefore, I get trolls. I am a fat woman on the internet, therefore I get even more trolls. I am a fat woman on the internet who is saying it's okay to be fat and to love yourself and it makes trolls get really hot under the collar. They get really mad about this and they love to tell me what they think. So when I got my first rolls, I went through different stages of emotions and tried to deal with them in different ways.

So first off, I was really angry. I was like, "How dare you? I can't believe you're telling me this!" And I would comment back to them being like, "Fuck you!" Then they would be like, "Fuck you!" And we'd just be going back and forth being like, I hate you. I quickly realized that there was no point in that, because it would just make me sad and angry. It would just put me in a bad mood. And so I was like, I'm not going to do that anymore. Instead, I'm going to educate them and I'm going to convince them that they're wrong. So I would say, "Oh, did you know that this," and "Did you see this scientific study? You are actually wrong."

What then they would do is be like, "No, you need to die because you're fat." So it didn't matter what information I gave them, they weren't there to be educated. They were there to be a dickhead. Next, I went into being empathetic with them, because the trolls are being trolls because they are feeling bad about themselves, right? Trolls are doing that because there's something lacking in their lives or maybe they're just a massive dickhead and just want to make someone else be a dickhead like they are.

And so I'd be like, "I'm so sorry that you're feeling like this enough to comment on some stranger on the internet's post in such a horrible way," thinking that they might be like, "Yeah, you're right, I am a dickhead." But no, of course not. They were just like, "Fuck you." And then I was like, ugh. So I stopped doing that.

Now I'm at the stage where I just ignore them or I just laugh at their ridiculousness. So most of my videos on YouTube, the comments are turned off because I get trolls in waves telling me all sorts of stuff, they never actually watched the video, but you can see how much of the video people watched. I didn't watch any of their video, but they'll be like, "You're wrong." I never actually want to take off the ability to comment on videos because I want to ... you lot to be able to comment, right? The good people.

But I need to protect my mental health, so I go in waves of allowing trolls to comment, because I think it's important to show that fatphobia is alive and well, but also it's important to protect my mental health and the mental health of other fatties coming onto these videos. You don't want to see somebody being like, "Fuck you fatties," right? So it's kind of like a difficult line that I try and straddle, so it depends on how I'm feeling that day.

Something else that I tell myself is that for every troll that I have, it means that I'm making impact in the world, right? If they're so angry about what I'm doing, I'm having an impact. I'm having an impact on them, therefore I'm having an impact on the people I actually want to have an impact on. And so for every troll that I get, in my mind, that represents two people who I've positively impacted. I welcome the trolls. More trolls. I want more people to hate me, because it means more people will love me.

So if you experience any trolls, I feel for you. I know that it's like. If you don't have trolls because you don't have an online presence, you're not doing ... yeah, if you're just not a troll-receiving person, then yay, that's amazing. If you see anyone who's getting trolled, just pop in there with a nice little comment if you have emotional availability and capacity to do that. You don't have to, but if you can, support those by giving them a nice comment and saying that they're amazing and they're having an impact, a positive impact on you.

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