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If I Stop Dieting Will I Put on a Ton of Weight?

Hi, it's Victoria here, and in this video we're gonna talk about whether you're gonna put on weight if you

stop dieting and start intuitive eating. Who knows?

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Are you thinking about stopping dieting? Hurrah! Are you thinking about starting intuitive eating? Hurrah! But you are really scared that you're gonna lose weight? Aww. Then this video is for you. I wanna tell you that that fear is 1000% normal, a fear that I have had myself. A lot of people think that when they stop dieting and restricting what they eat, controlling what they eat, and start intuitive eating, and allowing themselves to eat whatever they want, they will put on weight so much that they will never stop putting on weight, and they'll never be able to stop eating ever again.

And so that isn't real fear. And what is the answer to this? Is that gonna happen to you? The answer is ... I don't know. You don't know. Who knows? We don't know.

The real question here is not if you are going to put on weight, it is why are you scared about putting on weight, and why is that something that you are focused on versus looking at the gain that you are gonna get in your mental health. And the reason why, and no shame on you for feeling like that, because so much of us do, is because we live in a fat-phobic society, and that belief is born from fat-phobia.

And so that fear that you are feeling is diet culture trying to convince you to come back to the dark side, because you don't wanna get fat. Because if you're fat then this will happen. If you're fat, you'll be disgusting. If you get even bigger, then this will happen ... and it's not based in reality. And so a way to keep you from taking action that is gonna serve your mental health in a better way. So, instead of buying into that fear, and really focusing on that fear, and letting that fear rule your mental space, you need to look at that fear, and be like, "Okay, this fear, this is fat-phobia, and what I'm trying to do is overcome fat-phobia, and crush it."

And so, it's normal to have that belief, but you need to look at it, and crush it, because it doesn't matter if you put on weight. It doesn't matter if you lose weight. It doesn't matter if you stay exactly the same. You're worthy no matter what.

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