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How to Deal with Bad Body Image Days

Hi. It's Victoria here, and in this video we are talking about having a bad body day and how to overcome it. Make sure that you check out the links below because I have some free stuff for you, and of course, it's going to be amazing. Just a reminder to subscribe to this channel, so you are notified when another amazing video come out, and if you like this video give me a like.

Guess what? We all have bad body days. Yes, even me, someone who works on their body confidence 24/7. Even, Beyonce has bad body days. I know. It's hard to believe, but it's true. The reason is that we are human being. Hoo-rah for being a human being, and also we live in a super fat phobic society. So, it's very difficult to not have bad body days. Especially, when we are bombarded with messages from all corners of the world, the internet, friends, families, magazines telling us that our bodies should look a certain way. So, we can be very resilient and most days be like, "Fuck you. My body is amazing," but some days something will happen, and we're like, "Oh my God. I am disgusting."

So, this is 1000% totally normal, and FYI, just a reminder I, too, have bad body days. Something that I have noticed about when I have a bad body day is that it's not actually about my body. There is other stuff happening in my life that makes it difficult for me to, then, cope with the fat phobic society that we live in, and my inner critic ... One of the very first thing it goes after is my body, which is something that a lot of us experience, right? Our inner critic. When we're low we'll just be like, "Ew. You're so fat and disgusting," when we're actually fat and fabulous.

So, one example of this when I had a really bad body day is I had got really sick, and I had happened to lose weight. Ever so ... I don't know how much because obviously I don't weight myself, but before getting sick I'd been in the UK for my dad's funeral. So, my dad had suddenly died, unexpectedly, and I had also just done my TEDx Talk, and so it was a really high stress time, and then I got really sick. I had lost weight, and I remember looking in the mirror and noticing that my tummy was ever so slightly flatter because I'd been sick. A thought jumped into my mind of, "The boys are going to like you more now because you have a flatter tummy," and immediately I was like, "What the fuck? What," on so many levels. I don't care what the boys think about me, and the person I will be with and end up with will not give a shit about the size of my stomach. Anyway, it was a minuscule change, and that is just not a normal thought that I'd have.

Immediately, because I've been practicing this, I stopped, and I was like, "Whoa. Where the hell did that come from?" I thought, "Wow. Something must be going on for me to have suddenly attacked my own body. Then I looked, and I was like, "Wow. Yeah. I have actually been going through it a lot recently. That is why I had that thought. That is why I'm feeling like that. It's got nothing to do with my body. I don't look better having a smaller stomach." It's not based in reality.

If you ever catch a thought because a lot of times the thoughts will just whiz by, and we don't even realize it, right? But, if you're able to catch a thought you can think, "Huh? What's going on with that? Why am I feeling like that? Has something else being going on in my life? Am I in a stressful situation? Am I in a period of growth? What is happening here?"

Another thing you can do if you think, "Nothing's happening. I just feel shit about my body." Well, that's totally normal too. Another thing you can do is to think about your body not as a vessel to tantalize to eyes of the opposite sex because that's not what we're here for. Our bodies are here to keep us alive, and to let us experience the world, and they're doing that, right? Our bodies are ... We're breathing. Our brain is working. So, in those moments can you think of ways that you your body is magical?

So, your body is magical because you have a brain that tells your body to do all sorts of shit like breathe. You're breathing. All of the sudden I'm noticing my breathing. You're breathing automatically. Holy shit. Isn't that amazing? What else does your body do? Can you see? Can you hear? Can you speak? Can you smell? Can you walk? Can you run? Can you jump? Can you hug your friends and families? Can you sing? Can you cuddle up in your bed at night and hug your puppy? So many things. So many way that your body brings you joy. Can you think about that versus the idea that your body is not physically appealing to you in that moment. And, a reminder, you're body is not here to serve other people's eyeballs by looking a certain way. That's not the function of your body. Just FYI.

Okay. So, reminder, if you catch a thought, and negative thought, where did this thought come from? And, if you can't work out where this thought came from can you think of your body in a way where it's not all about the way it looks, and appreciate it for exactly what it's doing for you every single day. Keeping you alive, letting you experience the world in wonderful ways.

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