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Can pursuing health be problematic?

Hi. It's Victoria here from BAM POW LIFE, and in this video, I want to talk about health and how not everyone can be healthy.

There's this idea. I've seen a lot of plus-sized people, fat people say, "I'm fat but I'm healthy," as if you need an excuse to why it's okay to be fat, so I never say to people I'm fat and I'm healthy or I'm fat and I'm unhealthy. I just don't mention my health, and I let people wonder if I'm healthy or not because it doesn't matter, and by focusing on the, “but you can be healthy if you're fat” thing is problematic because not everyone can be healthy.

By putting health on this pedestal, it's really damaging for those who can't ever attain that health status that a lot of people want to. For example, what if you have chronic illness? What if you have a disability? What if you're sick? Does that make you less worthy as a human being? The answer is no. You're still a worthy human being even if you're sick, even if you're unhealthy, even if you never exercise, even if you eat only donuts every day, you know, whatever it is, it's fine. You are not a worse or better person if you're healthy or if you're unhealthy or no matter where on the health spectrum you might fall. It doesn't matter. By focusing on health in activism, what we're saying is to people who can't be healthy that they are less worthy.

I encourage you to take that out of your vocabulary if it's something you say, "I'm fat but, you know, I am healthy. I mean, I do exercise all the time. I do eat salads every single day." You don't have to justify your fatness by saying that you're healthy. Remember, not everyone can be healthy, fat, thin, otherwise. It's not something that's achievable for everyone. If you would like more information and tips about how you can love your body and feel confident, check out my free e-course, Extreme Confidence Makeover, and the link is below.

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