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Stop Shit Talking Yourself!

Hi, it's Victoria here from Bam Pow Life, and in this video we're talking about shit talking. Before we get into the video, I wanna make sure that you know about my free extreme confidence makeover e-course. It's 10 days, it's incredible, there's a link below, try it out, you're gonna love it.

So I want you to imagine being friends with someone who says things to you like, "Are you gonna wear that?", "Ew, you're kind of getting a big fat.", "I think your boyfriend's too good for you.", "I think that you should be fired from your job. In fact, it's probably gonna happen in the next few days.", "I don't think any of your friends like you really.", "Ugh, that outfit just looks like shit."

If you had a friend like this, then you would tell them, hopefully, to fuck right off. But this is kind of like what we're doing to ourselves every single day, right? We're talking to ourselves like a big bag of shit. It's very easy to spot when someone else is behaving like that, it's so wildly unacceptable, but when we are doing it to ourselves we kind of think, "You're right, maybe I shouldn't wear this. Yeah, I probably am gonna get fired really soon. My boyfriend is too good for me. It's really nice that he's dating someone like me."

So why is it that we can see when someone else is being a dick, but we can't see when we're being a dick to ourselves? So I wanna challenge you, whenever you hear these voices, and we all have them. No matter how much we feel confident and we grow, sometimes the voices diminish, but whenever we are becoming the best versions of ourselves, there's always some chatter in your brain being like, "Who do you think you are?"

The quicker you learn to say to these voices, "Hey, that's not very nice. I don't think that's true, that's not based in reality." The easier it will be, to recognize that these voices are maybe not serving us, and are maybe not true. So next time you hear your inner voice saying, "You're ugly." You can be like, "No thank you, I'm a fucking queen, shut your mouth."

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