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5 Reasons Why You Hate Your Fat Body

Hi, it's Victoria here from fierce fatty. In this video we're talking about the five reasons why you hate your fat body. Let's do it. Before we get started, just want to make sure that you are subscribed to my channel so you know when the next gorgeous video comes out. If you like this video, give it a like and why I'll share it with some fatty friends who you think might benefit from it. Also check out the links below because I have a free download for you. It's called the fierce fatty confidence makeover. And it's going to really help you with the five points that I'm going to be making today to make sure that you feel more confident in your fat body and you get rid of the shit that's weighing you down and it's not your fat body, by the way. Okay, so I see a lot of fat people being like, I don't love my fat body and I don't know why.

And then I asked them a few questions about what they're doing in their lives and I'm like, I know exactly why. So here are the five big reasons why you don't love your fat body. Okay, Number one is following pretty much exclusively only straight size people, only fitness models, only people who have unrealistic body type because it has been photoshopped because it's been edited and their bodies aren't necessarily real. So if you were continuously consuming social media that has pictures of people who do not look like you, you are training your brain to know what is beautiful and you're training your brain to say that that is what is beautiful and acceptable. You need to change that up. If you are following a ton of accounts that have you know, aspirational photos of what you should look like, then that is a massive reason why you hate your fat body.

Number two, this is a big one if you're in the UK, but it applies anywhere in the world. Watching shows like love island. Now I know love island is probably really entertaining and awesome, but what are the body types that you're watching every single night because it's on every single night for like six weeks and you're looking at these bodies and your brain is learning what you should look like. There's no diversity on that show. There is no people who are fat or even a bit chubby, right? And so love island is just a UK base show, but it could be any show that you're watching that has only straight size, conventionally attractive bodies on them. You're training your brain to know what is beautiful. And if you don't look like that, then your brain is going to be like, Ooh. When you look in the mirror, number three, spending a lot time with people who talk about diets, dieting or don't like their body and talk about that as well.

So in my life, I don't hang around with people who talk about diets. If someone is dieting, they know not to tell me cause I'd just be like, oh boring. So I don't get exposed to that. But this is a big one. If you've not done a lot of work on your body confidence and stopping dieting and all that type of stuff, and your friends and family don't already know about it. If they're engaging in that diet talk and they talk about them like, oh, I'm so fat, and you're like, no, you know I'm fat. It's really damaging and negative towards your mental health. Number four, you don't challenge your internalized fat phobia. So fat phobia is the fear or dislike or fat bodies, and we all have fat phobia. Even me. Yes, I am fat phobic because we live in a fat phobic society, and society that says we don't like fat bodies, and it's almost impossible not to have a degree of fat phobia.

So my fat phobia is tiny. I've noticed covered the last little bits of fat phobia, but I'll probably be fat phobic to the end of my days. Right? So it's okay if you're fat phobic, but if you've never looked into your level of fatphobia into your dislike of fat bodies, your dislike of your own fat body, what is behind that political reasons for that, then it's going to be very difficult for you to love your own fat body, right? And number five, you've not made the decision to change. So you have to decide, okay, enough is enough. I'm done with their shit. I am going to love my fat body, or even I'm going to just not hate it or just accept it. Just, you know, decide that I'm done with this shit. Okay? And so if you haven't decided and

then taken steps on that decision, that's a massive reason why you don't like your fat body and even actively hate it.

So it's great to be like, I wish that I could get on with my body and all that sort of stuff. But if you haven't decided and haven't taken action on it, then you're not gonna get any results. So if you do want to make a change, why not grab the free workbook that is below fierce fatty confidence make-over and we're going to go through all of these areas and identify some low hanging fruit for you to grab onto, to be able to make easy changes in your life so that you start to feel better about your fat body and then also understand the bigger things that you could be doing so that you're like, I'm fucking fabulous bitch. Which would be incredible. Okay, so if you liked this video, give me a like, share me some love. Give me a comment, subscribe to my youtube channel. If you want to see the transcript for this video, go on to All the stuff is there. Don't forget to check all of the other free stuff below and I will see you in the next video. Goodbye.

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