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Will I Ever Find Love If I Am Fat?

Hey, it's Victoria here from Fierce Fatty and in this video we're talking about whether it's possible, to find love if you're fat.

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Okay, so if you are worried that you are not gonna find love because you live in a fat body, I want to tell you it is 1000000% normal to feel like that you are not alone in that belief thing is that I believe is bullshit. So the reason why we feel like this is because of the way that society views fat bodies.

Think about all of the Romcoms that you've seen in your life. How often have you seen a fat character as the love interest and the love interest where the person who is interested in them is not hypnotized or drugged or has brain damage to think that they're attractive? I'm thinking like Shallow Hal or I Feel Pretty, or any of those stupid films, but Shallow Hal used to be my favorite film when I was deep in fat phobia I was just like, it's so funny, they dated a fatty, hahaha. This belief, It's simply not true. So many people date fatties, so 67% of women are plus size. Are 67% of this population doomed to single dome? No. So you might be thinking, yeah, we'll bet other people, but have you seen me? I'm disgusting. I'm really horrible. They're all pretty, Why not me? Well, it's bullshit, it's bullshit, so this is Hetero dater, I'm sorry, but 25% of men said that they would date a fat woman.

If we think about 25% of the world's population, Hetero, sorry, but roughly, let's say 50% of the world are men, 25% of them would date a fatty, so that is 1 billion dicks you have to get through and you think no one wants to date you? You've got a billion dicks. That's fucking greedy. And what the heck? You've got no one to date you? Bullshit, bullshit.

So yes, it is harder to find a date, find love to get sex if you are a fat person, because we have diet culture, we live in a fat phobic society, all that sorts of stuff. So it's not that you're imagining it, it is harder, but it's not a fact that you cannot find love if you live in a bigger body. All types of people are attracted to all types of other people. Right? So if I asked a survey to the people who are watching this video, what do you find attractive?

There'll be so many different answers, right? There's not one definition of what is attractive. Yes, society pushes an idea of what should be attractive, but we've got our own minds and we go after things that we like and so many people are deeply attracted to people with bigger bodies. So I used to always think that people dated me despite my body, that they were kindhearted and they looked past the idea that I had a fat body and my other attributes made up for it. So, you know, my other attributes are being like the best girlfriend ever! Being so loving and kind and funny and making dinner and all this type of stuff. It never crossed my mind, that actually they liked my body. Even when they told me, I like your body, you are attractive to me, you are sexy. I just be like, yeah, yeah, yeah, why you're lying?

It's not my partner's responsibility to try and convince me that they are attracted to me. I just couldn't see it. And now looking back on pictures of people who I thought were way out of my league and I'm like, what the hell are they doing dating me? And I'm like, no, not so much Victoria. Um, you're pretty fucking banging. You know what I mean? So you don't have to accept someone who is dating you, who say they're not attracted to you. That's not your fate, You know, you don't have to date someone who is dating you to be charitable, which I don't think people do anyway. You know, I don't think it's really a thing. I know maybe, maybe some places, but you know, people generally want to date you because they attracted to you and you and your personality and what you've got to offer and your body and all of that stuff, right?

So the belief that you're not going to find love as a fatty is a belief and a belief is not a fact, a fact or something that's 100% true 100% of the time. So it's a belief that means you can change it, right? You can change it because that belief does not serve you. It doesn't benefit you. Right? Because what actions are you not taking? If you think that no one wants to be with you, what things are you not doing? Probably a lot of things, right? Because if you know the outcome, no one's going to want to date me. You'll probably not on dating websites. You probably not putting yourself out there. You probably not sending people messages, you probably not having dates because you have this foregone conclusion that no one wants a date you, no one will find you attractive. So let's change that around.

Go to the workbook below the love finding a breakthrough and let's shift some of those negative beliefs that don't actually serve you and get you to a place where you realize that there are many, many people out there who want to date you, that wants to fuck you. They want to be your friend and wants to hold your hand. that want who wants to give you kisses.

There's so many people out there that want to do that I promise. So download that. And if you enjoyed this video, give me a like, share it with people who might find it beneficial.

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