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Would you dance in public in your bikini?

Before I was body positive, the thought of being in a bikini ANYWHERE was terrifying. Never mind in a public space...never mind dancing...never mind being filmed. Doing something like that would be unfathomable, impossible, terrifying.


But when I stripped down in a busy public market I didn’t feel any of those things. Instead, I felt excited, joyful, inspired. I knew people would look at me doing this thing - dancing with a cameraperson filming me and think three things.


1) I love it/her!

2) I hate it/her

3) Somewhere in between love and hate.


And that was ok!


No matter WHAT we do with our lives people will fall on that love/hate scale. So we may as well be our true selves, unapologetically. Right? And for me, that meant dancing with wild abandon, with cheesy dance moves, not knowing all the lyrics.


What do you do when you’re being the real authentic YOU?