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Doctor proud to be fatphobic

I have a video on YouTube “Are You Fatphobic and Don’t Know It?”.


The dislikes on the video far outweigh the likes. Obviously, right?! When a fat person talks about fatphobia the trolls come out to play.


I just wanted to share one comment with you, that has since been deleted. It’s from a doctor, or someone who says they are a doctor.


It reads “I’m a fatphobic doctor. My worst fear is having fat patients, they are lazy and always sick”.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 5.19.03 PM.png


This is a fantastic reminder why working against fatphobia is so important. A doctor is not even embarrassed to admit they are a bigot, proud in fact. Well, maybe not so proud as they then deleted the comment, but I already had the email.


Maybe they realised that being a proud fatphobe could damage their reputation? Lose them money perhaps?


Whatever the reason, it’s not new news that living in a fat body comes with discrimination. So let’s keep fighting the fat fight my fierce fatties!