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Worried People Are Judging You?

Want to leave the house but fear people are judging you? Really stressing out about an upcoming event? Learn my favourite quote I say to myself to reduce the anxiety of other people judgments.

Hi. It's Victoria here from BAM POW LIFE, and in this video, we'll talk about how to get out the door and do stuff when you might feel anxious or terrible about yourself.

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If we feel less than in any way, leaving the house and doing stuff can be hard. If we have an event coming up where there's going to be other people there, maybe people we don't know, it can be kind of scary. A lot of times, that fear and that anxiety goes onto the way we look and how other people perceive us. There is a quote that I love so much and I think about all the time. It's by Ann Landers, and it goes like this. "At age 20, we worry what other people think about us. At age 40, we don't care what other people think about us. At age 60, we realize people weren't thinking about us at all."

Basically, that quote is telling me that when I've been up in my head thinking, "Oh, my god. That person walked by me on the street is probably judging me, they're probably looking at me, and they're thinking, 'Oh, my god. She's so ugly. She's so fat. She's so ... '" and that person who's walking by me who I'm thinking are thinking those things about me is probably thinking, "Oh, my god. That girl's looking at me. My trainers don't look good. Oh, my god. I look so scruffy today. Oh, I hope she doesn't look at me and judge me. Oh, my god. She's so pretty." You know? It's bananas because a lot of times, we're all just in our heads thinking, "I hope they like me. I hope I can be loved."

If you're feeling anxious about the way that other perceive you, realize that they're probably feeling anxious as well. A big way that I learned this is when I was in corporate recruitment, I used to be meeting company CEOs, CFOs, heads of departments, presidents, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I was a 20-something, and I used to always think, "What the fuck do I know? Why are they meeting with me? I'm just some loser girl, and I don't know anything. They're going to be like, 'Ugh, why are you wasting my time?'"

I realized one day, a head of some big company said to me, "What do you think?" and asked for my opinion in regards to recruitment. I realized, I knew more than him. I had many years' experience in this field, and he didn't, and I was the expert. It made me realize that I had value to give and something to offer them, and maybe before they came into the meeting, they might've been like, "Oh, I really don't like meeting with people. I'm kind of nervous. I had a burrito for lunch, and my breath stinks. I've been sweating a lot today. Do I smell like BO?"

Who knows what's going through their head. Anyone can be nervous. Anyone can be shy. It's just a normal human emotion. Next time you're struggling to get out the door because you feel anxious about how other people are perceiving you, just think about them thinking the same things that you're thinking, and it won't seem as scary.

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