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What Happens to Our Body on a Diet

Why is it that when we start dieting we lose weight quickly, and then it slows down or stops altogether even when we're not eating much? Find out what is exactly happening with our bodies when we diet!

Hi. It's Victoria here from Bam Pow Life. In this video, we're talking about what happens to our bodies when we are on a diet.

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Our bodies are incredible, right? When we go on a diet, they are serving us in the best way possible. The way that they serve us is to try and keep us at the same weight. Initially, we go on a diet, our body's like, "What the fuck is happening?" And we lose weight quickly. But then our body is like, "I'm fighting back. We're in starvation mode. What's happening? We're not getting food. I'm going to save us." So, it does all of these incredible things to make sure that we don't continue to lose weight.

One thing that it does is it increases our appetite. The hormones that make us feel hungry go up. Guess what? The hormones that make us feel full, what do you think? They go down. So, you're really craving food.

Another thing. The sight, sound, taste, smell of food is increased. When you see food, it looks fucking amazing. Food you might not have previously craved all of a sudden looks so appetizing and you're just like, "I need to eat. I need to eat that food." It's your brain telling you, "Eat anything. I don't care what it is. But we're starving."

Your metabolism slows down, so your body is doing everything it can to keep you at a set weight that it's comfortable with. A study that has happened with the contestants, victims, of the show, The Biggest Loser, and how their metabolism is permanently changed, and so their need for food is dramatically diminished. That's what happens when you are a yo-yo dieter or weight cycler, which is someone who goes on diets and, quote, unquote, falls off the wagon, AKA, their body survives.

Another thing is that your muscle mass decreases and your fat mass increases because muscle uses more energy. So, we don't need our body to be burning more energy. We need to be burning less energy if we're literally starving.

Another thing is that you don't want to move your body as much. Think about it. If you were starving, it means that you're close to dying. Do you think that your body's going to be like, "Let's go for a run."? No. Your body's going to be like, "Bitch, lay down on that couch, eat as much food as physically possible, don't move, don't talk to anyone."

Our body is wonderful. Thank you, body, for doing these things to keep us alive. But if you are on a diet and you want to lose weight, it's an uphill battle. What must you do? Don't diet. Don't diet. Our bodies are happy at a certain set point. If we're eating intuitively, we'll get to the set point that our bodies are happy at and that's just normal.

Be kind to your body and let it be where it wants to be. Let it know that you're going to feed it, and so it doesn't have to do all of this stuff to try and save you from this starvation that's happening. Literally, it is a starvation. You are literally starving, starving, when you're on a diet. My recommendation? Don't diet.

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