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I’m Too Busy to Work on Accepting My Fat Body

Hi! It’s Victoria here from a Fierce Fatty and in this video we are talking about being too busy to work on loving your fat body.

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Okay, So I hear this. I don't have the time, I'm too busy. Bullshit! All the time and it is bullshit.I'm going to tell you why in a second. If I hear things like I've just got so much on my plate already, I'll do it later.

Another time is better or my schedule is just jam packed. I couldn't fit another single thing in there at all. No Way. Okay, so this is such bullshit. I'm sorry to break it to you, but this is bullshit. Yes, you may be busy, but you have got the time to work on loving your fat body. If it's important to you.

If you want to love your fat body, if you want to get to a place where you're not spending so much time thinking that you are disgusting and there's a priority for you, then you need to make it a priority. When will you have the time well, if you say, oh another time's better, that time never comes right? Later, never come and you just forget about it. And what a better way to tell yourself you are not worth it by putting other things before your mental health. Are you the projects that you keep putting off?

So you know like you get a little crack in your windshield and you're like, oh I'll do it later. Or are you going to paint the spare room and you're like, I'll do it later. Are you doing that about yourself? I'll do it later. And it's you. It's so important. Are you doing things like taking online surveys to work out what type of potato you are, but then also claim that you don't have the time. Something doesn't add up? Of course, taking an online survey to work out what type of potato you are is important, but you also don't get to use the excuse of, I don't have the time because you do same as if you're on level 597 on candy crush saga, right? You've been devoted to that shit, right? 587 you are there. You're there every day. Why can't you be there every day for your mental health and your body love?

So what's going on here is that you are just not prioritizing this stuff. And then using time as an excuse because it's easy to say, I'm so busy. Right? And it feels good to say that I've been like, I'm so busy all my yard, right? It makes us feel important. But is it the truth? Is it that you've just prioritize other things above something that's actually really fucking important? Really, really important. So if you're not prioritizing loving your body, guess what? You're never gonna love your body. You're never going to accept your body. You're never going to get into a place where you're not like, Ooh, gross. If you don't focus on it. Right, it makes sense. And so if this is important for you and you've realized, oh my God, yeah, I've been making that excuse, but it's probably bullshit. It's bullshit. I know it's okay.

It's okay. We all do it, right? Because this stuff is hard to work on and it's easier to do the easier stuff like potato surveys online, right? So if you do want to change that, then go to the links below and get the priority finder workbook and you can see what you've got going on in your life and work out if that thing that takes a huge chunk of your life is good for you and it's good for your mental health. Or if you want to spend five minutes a day working on loving your fat body, 10 minutes, whatever it is, one minute, whatever it is, you do have the time. Even if it's only one minute to do this stuff. So check out those links.

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