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I am a fraud - I hate my body

  • I am a fraud, I hate my body.
  • I am lucky I have a boyfriend the way my body is, I'm surprised he can stomach looking at me.
  • I am always looking at people online, comparing myself to them and knowing I don't measure up.
  • When I am introduced to new people I know they are thinking "she is ugly and fat".
  • I think I am going to get fired from my job any day now, they will realise hiring me was a mistake.
  • I would look so much better if I just lost weight, I hate myself that I can't.
  • My partner says I am beautiful, but he is just saying that to be nice.
  • I am not worthy.


These are the thoughts that used to run through my mind all day, every day. No matter how much I tried to challenge them, they wouldn't go away. 


It was exhausting and frustrating. I just wanted to BE BETTER so that I wouldn't hate myself so much.


What I didn't know then was that I didn't need to "be better". I was already enough. I didn't need to lose weight to be loved. I wasn't an embarrassment. I was a great girlfriend, sister, friend, colleague....


If you feel like how I used to then please know that it can change. You CAN turn those negative thoughts around, banish them from your mind, playing on repeat 24/7. 


The first step is to take a step. 


My Bye Bye BS - Hello Body Love Webinar Masterclass could be that first step for you.


I collaborated with Vivienne McMaster from Be Your Own Beloved and created an exclusive online training. Together we will help you take a massive first step so that you realise what an absolute Goddess you already are.


Join us, you won't regret it. You deserve to love yourself. Heck, even just liking yourself.