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Do you support body/fat positivity, yet find fat unattractive?

Here is a question I came across and thought I would share my thoughts on this.

Original question:

Do you support body positivity/"fat is beautiful" and yet secretly find them unattractive?

This isn’t a troll question, nor a question about whether or not being fat can be healthy. I’m very liberal and support the movement, but find myself dictated by conventional standards anyways. What are your opinions on this?

My answer:

This is a great question and I love that fact that you want to explore this! The short answer is that we live in a fatphobic society. From all directions we are told fat is bad/fat is unattractive and to deprogram your mind from these messages is incredibly complex.

We all hold unconscious biases about all sorts of things, and even though intellectually you support body positivity/fat acceptance you still hold some bias and personal preferences.

Even though I teach this stuff for a living I STILL come up against my own internalized fatphobic biases.

If you would like to overcome this, then I would a good place to start is to surround yourself with positive images and stories about different body types. Without knowing it, all of us, are bombarded with images daily, telling us what is attractive and so our preferences can be skewed because of this.

Train your brain to see the beauty in diversity, it doesn’t actually take that long to do.

Just by being open about your unconscious bias towards fat people is an incredible thing and a massive step to decoding society’s toxic messages.

If you’d like to see positive images of fat people then check out my IG or join my private Facebook group.