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Am I Addicted to Food?

Do you think about food all the time? Countdown the minutes until you can eat again? Are you addicted to eating?

In this video found out what my experience with this is and finally answer the question: Am I addicted to food?

Hi, it's Victoria here from Bam Pow Life. In this video we're talking about food addiction. Now before we get into the video I want to make sure that you know about my free e-course that I have. It's called the Extreme Confidence Makeover. You can grab it in the link below. It's 10 days. It has videos and worksheets. It's amazing, you're going to love it.

I want to tell you a story. I used to wake up in the morning and be pleased to be awake for the sole reason that I could eat food, that it was allowed. It was breakfast time, and I could have breakfast. At nighttime I would think, I'm so excited to go to sleep, so that I can sleep, and then in the morning I can eat food. I used to count down the hours until it was lunchtime, until it was dinnertime, and I was allowed to eat again. I thought about food all day long. I obsessed about food, and I dreamed about when I could get it again.

Because of this, I presumed I was addicted to food. It makes sense, doesn't it? I felt so ashamed. I thought I needed to go to over eater's anonymous. I thought I was wildly out of control, and I was some greedy animal. The truth is I wasn't. The truth is that I was in dire mind. I was in dire land, and I was restricting myself so profusely that my body was begging me for food. The way that it does this is it makes you fixated on food. It makes food taste more delicious. It grabs onto the calories that you consume with food. You end up getting fatter. If you're on a diet, that's not what you want, right? It slows your metabolism down.

Because I constantly wanted food, I thought I was out of control, but I constantly wanted food because human beings need food in order to survive and live. I was addicted to food in the same way that I'm addicted breathing air, I'm addicted to drinking water, I'm addicted to sleeping. These are obviously things that I'm not actually addicted to. It's just that my human body needs these things. Unlike alcohol or drugs, we don't need those. Different things are happening within our bodies when we consume those things, and it's not the same when we consume food. You are not addicted to food.

How to overcome this perceived addiction? Eat food. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but this is how you do it. You have to teach your body that you have food, you're going to get food. Food is not this scarce resource that is never going to come across your plate again. This is going to take time to build trust with your body. Right now, if you feel addicted to food, your body is like, "Please, bitch, feed me." Give me anything, I don't care. I need food. I need sustenance. I need all those glorious things that food gives us, please. You are obsessed with it, so when you start feeding yourself, your body will be like, "Yes, give me more. Give me more, give me more." That's normal, that's natural.