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Diets and Healthy Living

Can you be fat and healthy? Will a diet make you healthy? What if you are told to lose weight by your doctor? How can you be healthy without losing weight?

I answer these important questions in this weeks video!

Hi. It's Victoria here from Bam Pow Life. In this video, we're talking about weight and health issues.

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A big barrier that I see from people stopping dieting is the notion that weight and health are linked and that if you have health issues, it's solely because you have a bigger body. This is a tricky one. If you don't know the answer, it can really stop you from letting go of dieting because you want to be healthy, which is a normal desire. I want to say to you being fat doesn't mean that you are unhealthy, and being thin doesn't mean that you're healthy, right? We kind of all know this, right? We know this. Do you know this? This is true. This is true.

Say, for example, your knees are hurting. You presume it's because you have a bigger body. You embark on a diet to get a smaller body so that your knees don't hurt anymore.

The problem with this is are your knees hurting because you have a bigger body, and will that diet work? We know that the diet won't work. 95% of diets fail. Actually, between one and two-thirds of people who go on a diet end up weighing more than before they started. The diet will not help your knees because it'll make you bigger if that is even why your knees are hurting.

The solution is not to diet, but to focus on making your knees feel great. It could be strengthening your knees. It could be doing low impact exercises. It could be looking to see if there's anything else going on, I don't know, like arthritis, which is not connected to your weight. Another health issue could be that you're diabetic or pre-diabetic. Your doctor says, "You need to lose weight and that will help you." Again, you go on a diet. But the diet will fail, and so that's the wrong course of action to take.

Instead, you would learn about things like, okay, so what foods are going to really help my body? Do I need to exercise more? Move my body? What's going on here? How can I help this? If you focus on feeling healthful versus the number on the scale, then you'll be able to look after whatever is going on with your body. If you're focusing on I'm losing weight, therefore I'm more healthy, it's not sustainable, the weight loss. Really, you're temporarily tackling the issue. Again, you're probably going to be fatter than you were before. Obviously, there's nothing wrong with being fatter. But if your goal is to be thinner, then what's the point in dieting?

The number one thing is if someone says to you, "You need to lose weight because of your health," think, "How can I become more healthy without focusing on the number on the scale? Because losing weight doesn't work." If your doctor says to you, "Lose weight and you're going to be miraculously healthy," say to your doctor, "What would you prescribe a thin person? I'll have that, thank you." Then you can focus on healthful behaviors if that's something that is important to you.

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