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Wasting Fuck Bucks on Dieting

We have a certain amount of "fucks" to give in a day and a lot of the time we waste them on stupid dieting! How does dieting suck up your fuck bucks? 

Hi, Victoria here from Bam Pow Life and today I want to talk about Fuck Bucks. There is an author called Sarah Knight and she has an incredible book called The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck. So the idea is that every day we have a certain amount of fucks to give, and so that's the amount of mental energy that we have. We need to use those Fuck Bucks that we have wisely.

So do we want to spend our Fuck Bucks on stuff that doesn't serve us? For example, dieting. Or, do we want to use all Fuck Bucks on things that make us happy? Like, I don't know... Maybe spending time with family, going to the park, watching Netflix, or whatever it is?

So every day we have, say, 15 Fuck Bucks and guess what dieting takes up so many Fuck Bucks. So, dieting maybe take up 10, 12, 13 Fuck Bucks and so you can't do anything else with your day apart from thinking about food, think about exercise, think about how your life is going to be magical when you lose weight.

I know that's how it was for me when I was dieting. All I ever thought about was dieting, losing weight, going to the gym, preaching to people about how amazing I was because I was on a diet and bragging about how many pounds I had lost, reading weight loss magazines, and looking at before and after pictures. I wasn't doing much else with my life apart from the basic survival stuff. Like, going to sleep and going to work, that type of stuff.

Are you using your Fuck Bucks wisely? Are you using them on people that don't serve you, on things that don't make you happy? Or are you using your Fuck Bucks to do joyful things that just make you feel all warm, fuzzy inside? So, make sure you're using those Fuck Bucks wisely.

If you would like some more confidence tips then head on over to the link below where I have my free e-course, Extreme Confidence Makeover, I would love to see you in there. Goodbye.