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Am I Eating Too Much? Am I Greedy?

Why is it that as people living in fat bodies, we feel the need to eat so much less than our "straight sized" friends and family members? Why is our perception of food so skewed? Find out what is exactly happening with our bodies when we diet, and how our perceptions of caloric intake are so warped!

Hi, it's Victoria here from BAM POW LIFE. In this video I'm talking about food and how our perception of what we're eating is skewed.

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I'm going to tell you a story. You know when you work on stuff you can sometimes forget how you used to think? So lately with my therapist, we've been going over old notes from years back and it's super interesting. One session, we were talking about how I was like, "I'm so fucking greedy. I eat so much food. I think that I'm a food addict," and she said, "Oh, okay. Well, tell me what you eat in a day?" I was confessing to her all this stuff that I ate, like, some dust, a lettuce leaf, a cracker, two crackers. Oh. My. God. Basically, I was eating hardly anything and I felt like I was out of control and just some greedy animal.

A lot of times, when we're dieting or when we're living in a fat body, we actually eat way less than we should because we're so trained to believe that we're greedy and we are eating too much. Diets have us in this belief where we should be eating tiny portions of food but really our bodies need food, and whenever we're hungry we need to trust that hunger.

So, I was suppressing my hunger and anytime I was hungry I'd be like, "Oh, I'm going to drink water," or "I'm going to do something else so that I'm not hungry," but my body was like, "Please, feed me." So, once you start intuitive eating, if you feel like you're eating a lot, I want to say that you, maybe you are, who knows? But at other times you are probably eating the right amount. Right now, if you are dieting you probably eating like a fraction of what your body actually needs.

So just to be aware of the fact that our knowledge on what we need is probably skewed and don't feel guilty about wanted or desiring more food then you've ever had because your body's probably like, "Fucking thank God. She's finally understanding that I need food." If you would like more goodness, like this in your life, and why wouldn't you, then head on over to my Confidence Warrior Club. The link is going to be below and you can join for free.

I will see you there!