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Want to know what my audience members think of me? All of the below are direct quotes from surveys conducted:


·      She is awesome! I attended all of her talks, and every time, I feel like I attended Ted-talk, or something like very famous speech workshop. I learned a lot!! 

·      You're a rockstar

·      You are super fun and that helped me be engaged in your class.

·      Victoria is excellent

·      Victoria is such an inspiration to me because she focuses on the real life issues and is not concerned with what anyone expects of her-she is what she needs herself to be and rocks at it. I have a new outlook on career and would honestly not be able to dedicate myself to this course if such an engaging teacher was not involved. 

·      Victoria brings so much energy to the class it is a real pleasure listening to her! I really value all her tips and tricks, and everything she taught will for sure be relevant in the real world!

·      Very interesting and fun instruction!

·      Workshop was natural and attention grabbing, Victoria taught with passion

·      Victoria is an awesome and funny teacher

·      I really enjoyed your clear communication and knack for funny comments to keep us engaged and get the edge of any heavy topic. Course topics are very useful and applicable to real life, and you have shown clear interest in helping us discover our passions and develop a personal brand.

·      I particularly like the way you bring humour to the class and make the atmosphere not as nerve-wrecking as our typical classes. You bring your own style of communicating into teaching, which is so different and fun, that made me look forward going to lecture because the you are able to deliver a material that is important in a light way.

·      I loved that you were so passionate about this subject - your lectures are fantastic!

·      I loved her enthusiasm and her use of humour that made the lectures really interesting.

·      I love your energy and all the experiences you share with us!

·      Great energy and very personable. Thanks for making the class AWESOME and instilling confidence in students!

·      Dr. Welsby is a very fitting instructor for the class. She is very outgoing and easy to talk to. Her personality and teaching method makes lectures very intriguing and interactive. Not to mention, she is hilarious!

·      Can't think of anyone can teach this material better than Victoria!!!!!

·      Victoria is an awesome instructor! I love her passion of teaching, and her lectures are very useful for future careers.

·      Wonderful personality and a pleasure to speak to or be instructed by. You take what would normally be fairly dull material and add some character and energy into the mix which is much appreciated.

·      The enthusiasm and knowledge that Professor Victoria brings to class makes a big difference in inspiring interest in the course material.

·      Love the way you talk and engage a room. I immensely enjoy watching you talk to a room because it always leaves me feeling so much better about myself.

·      Extremely engaging lectures and great information. Told us how it is no filter which was great.

·      Effective, personal, and engaging delivery of classroom materials.

·      Always enthusiastic, happy helpful, made this course super fun.

·      Victoria was awesome, she was highly energetic and kind to everyone.

·      She is the best, she is so funny and friendly.

·      Your teaching style was incredibly pleasant.

·      You are fun and you make the class really enjoyable as well as educational 

·      Pr. Welsby was amazing, she was very inspiring, humorous, and easy to relate to. I loved her lectures and her personality. Her sense of humour made lectures fun and interesting.

·      The professor is funny and engaging.

·      The most relatable prof one will ever meet! Very inspiring and down to earth, very knowledgeable.

·      The energy and confidence is something I loved!! Victoria has a way of teaching that doesn't make it boring; it sounds like just another informative conversation with your best friend.

·      The casual tone to lighten up the professional content really helped me absorb the lesson. Your stories are inspiring and your passionate personality really nurtures growth. Keep it up!

·      When she was involved, things were brilliant, she's very motivational

·      She is passionate!

·      Love the energy and swearing!

·      LOVE YOU! You are so passionate and riveting!! Had the best time ever at your lectures!!

·      Instructor is very engaging.

·      I loved your enthusiasm and your optimistic attitude.

·      I loved the engaging slides you've prepared for classes.

·      I loved her enthusiasm, positivity, and sharing of personal experiences and life.

·      Extremely enthusiastic and it shows in her lectures. Highly engaging and refreshing, especially after a long day of classes, and I looked forward to her lectures.

·      YOU'RE GREAT!!

·      We can feel her passion during the class!!!

·      Victoria's enthusiasm during lectures was very refreshing and made it easy to be engaged in what she was talking about. Her slides were also very easy to read and very straightforward.

·      Victoria seems like a wonderful person and who is creative. Her mindset and attitude made the class enjoyable to attend and we genuinely liked to go to lectures.

·      Victoria is a very positive and uplifting personality. Her presence and her attitude provides a lot of reassurance and self-confidence for any of our worries or doubts. She communicated the content in a unique way that complemented her personality and overall made the somewhat tedious material more engaging.

·      Victoria is a super fun and engaging instructor. I always enjoy her lectures and stories/experiences. I would definitely recommend her to other students.

·      Victoria has great energy and passion when teaching the course material, which makes lectures exciting. She always brings a positive attitude to class and ensures students feel, and are, prepared for the professional journey ahead. There is good involvement of students in discussion of important topics.

·      Victoria had a very energetic personality and made the subject more engaging. It was clear that she was very knowledgeable.

·      Very fun but at the same time inspires us to be better.

·      The overall energy brought to lectures. Super prepared and easy to follow.

·      The lectures were delivered in a clear and simple manner. The lecturer tried to make it as interactive as possible and used many examples from her own experience to highlight the importance of the course material 

·      The lectures we're extremely engaging and entertaining due to the enthusiasm of the professor

·      The class is interactive and fun.

·      She was always energetic and motivating in her teaching, and improved the classroom mood.

·      She makes lectures very interesting.

·      Nice and interesting lectures. Love your slides and teaching style

·      Definitely one of my favourite professors. All her actions were extremely genuine and provided valuable insight. She really focused on teaching us that we are valuable and unique individuals who should gain employable skills rather than making us feel inadequate. I'm really glad that she was my professor.

·      Thank you Victoria! You rock.