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Day Seven - Fierce Fatty Summit

valerie sagun


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Valerie Sagun aka Big Gal Yoga is a yoga practitioner, artist, radical self love enthusiast, and body positive encourager based in the SF Bay Area from San Jose, CA. She started college at San Jose State University in 2005 and graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Spatial Arts. There she focused on the hands on mediums of art like ceramics, glass, metals, woodwork, and installation art. During her time she took her first yoga class in 2010 where she practiced hatha yoga with yogi Lawrence Caughlan. He gave her a positive view on practicing yoga, believing that as long as you have the determination, motivation, and patience anyone can practice yoga. In January 2016 Valerie attended a Hatha Yoga immersion yoga teacher training at the Seven Centers Yoga Arts Center in Sedona, Arizona. Valerie's yoga practice and teachings are about learning to love yourself physically and mentally through yoga. Learning to listen to your body, to know when to push it and when to protect it.