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Bite sized Quotes from my TEDx Talk

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  • If I had no fear, I would love myself unconditionally. 
  • Bottom line, no matter what you look like, fat, thin, tall, short, mullet sporting, leopard print thong wearing or pineapple on pizza eating; you are worthy as a human being.
  • I was so wrong when I believed that thin equaled happy and healthy and fat equaled unhappy and unhealthy.
  • YOU can be a rebel. Love your fabulous body, unconditionally.
  • What if you truly believed that “You are worthy, you always were, and you always will be”?
  • Do the things that truly make you happy. Whether your bum jiggles while you do it or not.
  • The diet industry thrives on your failure.
  • I have a secret to tell you, it’s pretty outrageous so get ready to recoil in horror! I don’t want to lose weight.  
  • Become a sassy fat badass. Be a rebel.
  • What would you do if you weren’t wasting your time dieting?
  • I finally worked out that I don’t need to be thin to be worthy.
  • I am fat. That’s not my actual name, that would be weird and very cruel of my parents. No, fat is the neutral word I use to describe my fabulous body.
  • What if we spent less time, money and energy on the pursuit of thinness?
  • Last year Americans spent over $66 billion dollars on trying to become thinner.
  • Bold horizontal stripes on a fat Cover Girl?!  And it’s not a diet magazine with a story about how she lost 5000lbs in 3 minutes.
  • Fat is the neutral word I use to describe my fabulous body.
  • You don’t need to be healthy to be a worthy human being.