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Who the heck are you? I’m scared and confused and don’t know what’s going on!

I’m scared and confused too! My name is Victoria S Welsby, the S stands for sexy. I grew up on the mean streets of Peterborough, UK. I had a one pedal bicycle when I grew up as well as a healthy obsession with British boy band East 17 (the lead singer in that band ran himself over with his own car a few years back, have fun Googling that).  When I was 25 I moved to Vancouver, Canada where I have lived since. I have had 8 years’ experience working in Talent Acquisition world and it’s been quite illuminating! I spend my time talking in baby voices to my jaded dog and trying to avoid my obese cat from sitting on my head when I sleep. I do the same with my partner who is hella handsome and pretty rad.

Check out this video where I tell the awesome story of how I went from Homeless to being a Badass:


Why do you think you’re so awesome?

Rhetorical question, obviously.


How will I know if you’re the right coach for me?

I won’t be the right coach for everyone and that’s ok. If you say “Yes!” to more than a couple of these statements then I think we will jive!

  • All the coaches I have researched seem stuffy and boring and I know I don't learn best in those environments
  • I want someone who has intimate knowledge of what works and what doesn't so I don't have to spend hours working out the solution myself
  • I just want straight forward advice without all the fluff and jargon
  • Does becoming a badass have to be SO BORING?
  • I want to have a my dream career and earn the money I know I deserve
  • I want to have my dream life and be happy instead of wondering "What If?"
  • Why do all the other life coaches have pictures of birds and sunsets and look like their website was designed in 1987?
  • I want a badass coach but the coaches I have looked at don’t seem to have any “real world” experience
  • I want to have fun on this journey as well as learning a ton of interesting and valuable things
  • I swear and don’t want to have to edit my filthy mouth when I’m talking to my coach
  • I don’t have time to meet up with a coach, I just want to learn all this stuff online and in a super efficient way
  • I’m not really down with all this woo woo voodoo magical spirit, pixie fairy stuff.


If you’re saying uh huh to these then we need to get together! Sign up for my FREE awesome, and non woo woo newsletter! OR if you're feeling super awesome today, why not sign up for one of my online courses, you crazy animal, you!


What can I learn from you?

I have gone through some pretty exciting (read, challenging) things in my life and have learnt some awesome lessons from those experiences. I have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours with many professionals and I’ll happily impart that wisdom on to you. On top of that, I have had 9 years of corporate experience in the "people" business. Because of this, it is black and white to me what a good candidate looks like and what you need to do to get your dream career. Let me share this knowledge with you! Not only have I been in recruitment for years I have also been really good at it. I was consistently the top consultant in my field and have even been the number one consultant in the country for the largest agency in Canada. Woah, that’s awesome!


Cool! So how do I get this knowledge all up in MY brain?

It’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy! I have designed two separate online courses so that you can choose which area you would like to concentrate on. Either a life goal, or a career goal. These courses are online based, you can do them in your own time and then you also get one on one time with me. Once you’ve completed those courses and you want more then you can book one on one sessions with me. You can also book one on one sessions without completing the courses. It’s totally up to you!



What is the BAM POW LIFE big badass goal learning course like?

In this course I will guide you through your own process to achieve your goal. I will assist you with picking your goal and how to hit that achievement in 8 weeks! You will have one on one support from me as well as entertaining and informative video tutorials, worksheets, infographics, quote cards and podcasts.


How do I know if these online courses are the right fit for me?

There are many stages to wanting to make a change in your life, see this blog post to discover where you may be. Typically you will have thought about making a change quite a lot. You have probably Googled a lot of things and have been looking for resources that may help you. You are thinking of taking the plunge, but are nervous.


You like content that is delivered in a fun, and non formal way. It’s a crime that career and life advice is presented in a way that is so boring because in reality they are really exciting and useful skills!


What if I sign up to a course and hate it and hate you?


If you do sign up and get cold feet, it's not for you, you changed your mind etc. then you have a 100% money back guarantee for 14 days after the online course starts. No questions asked, baby.