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You're Changing The World By Watching This Video

Hi this is Victoria from BAM POW LIFE, and I want to talk about how you, yes you, are changing the world.

So you may not know it but by watching this video, and doing other work in regards to body positivity, fat acceptance, working on your confidence, loving yourself. You are changing the world, and here's how. So if you begin to change your thoughts on who you are as a person, your worthiness, you start looking at yourself and talking about yourself in other ways, people are gonna pick up on that. Your family, your friends, your children, your colleagues, you are changing their perception on how you should be treated, how fat people should be treated, how it's not okay to be told by media and society that you're not good enough because you don't look a certain way.

And in turn, they're gonna change other people's lives. And your normalizing this idea that we can love ourselves and it's okay and you don't have to look like this photoshopped ideal that the media feeds to us. And so every day that you're working on this, every video that you watch, every podcast you listen to, every book you read, every friend you choose to unfollow, every positive account you are following on Instagram. All of that stuff is changing the world. So I just want to say you're fucking amazing. You are incredible. Like holy shit. Isn't this wild? You're changing the world. We're all changing the world. So big high fives to you. High five, yup, give me some, yes, high fives, yes. High fives and thank you. Thank you for doing this courageous work because it's really fucking scary sometimes, and it's tough and we're changing things that we have learnt for decades. Things that have been fed to us and you're changing that so ... To you.

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