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Why You STILL Don't Feel Confident in Your Body

Hi, it's Victoria here from Fierce Fatty, and in this video, we are talking about why you still don't feel confident in your body.

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Why don't you feel confident in your body? Well, let me ask you a question. What do Olympians have in common with authors? What do superstar drag queens have in common with elite dog trainers? The answer, they have all worked hard and practice to become excellent at their craft. So many people say to me, "Oh, why am I not confident already? I mean, I follow hundreds of people on Instagram who are body-positive, who are fat-positive, who are confident. I've read the books. I've read the blogs, and I'm still not confident. I don't feel great in my body. I look in the mirror and I think, I just wish I could be thin." Why?

Well, would a drag superstar be a drag superstar if they just read a book about how to be a drag superstar? No. They had to do the things. They took action. They did scary shit. They invested in themselves with time and money. So the big thing here is that they took action.

A lot of people are book smart when it comes to how to feel confident and better in their body, but they never do the things. They never take action. They never do scary shit, and people think that they can change their whole life. And under all of this messaging that we've had, thousands of million of messages saying that we aren't good enough just by following people on Instagram and reading stuff, and that's just a teeny tiny little bit. That's knowing the stuff, but you have to do the stuff.

You have to do stuff that makes you feel like you might shit your pants in fear. You have to do stuff that make you feel sick. Stuff that you want to do, not do stuff that you don't actually want to do, but you know that is going to help you feel more confident. It's the only way to improve your confidence, is to take action.

You cannot grow those confidence muscles unless you practice flexing them. Yes, bitch. So here is your action right now that I'm going to encourage you today. Look at the links below and download that guide I have made for you. It's called the Feel Confident in Your Body Action Guide, and I'm going to take you through loads of different questions and help you take action so that you see some results versus being stuck in that, "But why am I not feeling confident?" bit. You can do it.

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