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Why Lacking Confidence Fucks With Your Life

Hi, it's Victoria here from Fierce Fatty, and in this video we're talking about the consequences of not improving your confidence.

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In case you didn't know, the consequences of not feeling confidence in yourself, in your body, confidence around eating food are massive. It affects many areas of your life. And I am going to list them out here so you can have a little thing in your magic little noggin and see how it's affecting you personally. So first off, your mind and your emotions.

So not feeling competent in one area has a domino effect on all the other areas in your life. And so if you feel like I can't do this one thing in one area of your life, then you're more likely to believe the false belief that you can't do other things in other areas in your life because you have evidence to prove that you can't.

So your mind and your beliefs are filled with false negative beliefs that you can't do certain things, you're not confident enough to do it. How about relationships? So intimate relationships. I can't say that word very well, can I? So if you lack confidence, maybe you date people who treat you badly, or maybe don't treat you as well as they should. Maybe you're not dating at all for fear of rejection. Perhaps you're staying in a long term relationship that isn't happy, that isn't serving you, all because you think that this is the best that you can get and there's no one else who's out there who's going to be any better or would like you anyway. And what about moving your body? Maybe you're moving your body in ways to punish the fact that you don't like your body.

Maybe you're doing types of exercise that you think are boring. For example, I used to always go to the gym to try and work off fat on my body, but I hated the gym, it was so fucking boring. Maybe you're doing things in regards to your health, like not standing up to your fat phobic doctor, or maybe you're not prioritizing your mental health. What other ways does your lack of confidence affects your body and your health?

Next, family. It's a big one. Perhaps you're not setting boundaries with your family because it's really fucking hard. If you lack confidence, it's even harder. Maybe you're spending time with people that you really don't actually like, and that goes for friends too, because you think, am I worthy of better relationships? You are.

What about your social life? Going out and having fun. Maybe you're not going on trips or going on adventures because you fear what your body can or can't do, or you maybe fear the way that other people will perceive you and worry about their judgments and say you just don't do things. Maybe you avoid going to social gatherings and fun things because you don't like the way that your body looks, you can't find something that you feel great in, and you're just like, I'm just going to stay at home.

What about your career? Maybe you have a business. How is that affected by lack of confidence? If you're lacking confidence, you're not going to be asking for a pay rise or promotion as often as if you had confidence. You'll probably make less money overall. You're less likely to have the confidence to follow your passions, maybe start a business. And if you do have a business, if you're lacking confidence, it's going to be really hard to put yourself out there because guess what? People are going to judge you.

And finally your environment. Do you have clothes in your closet that used to fit when you were like 13 years old, and you're like, "I'm going to fit back into that prom dress one day"? or clothes from when you were thinner? Or clothes that have tears in or holes or ripped or are worn? Maybe you don't have the confidence to get rid of that stuff. What about other stuff in your environment like things that's old and worn out and shabby, like that crack in your windscreen or that one thing that's been broken for ages. If you had more confidence, would you have the confidence to treat yourself with more love and remove these things from your life?

So lacking confidence is massive. It affects every thing. And I know, because when I lacked confidence, and when I went through the journey to become confident like I am today, I realized that it really did impact my life in all the different ways I could have ever imagined that I didn't even know were being impacted by my lack of confidence. So I have a guide book, which is in the link below. It's called your why guidebook, why body confidence is important for you. And so I have laid out a beautiful guide book for you to help you understand why this stuff is important for you, what areas that you could be working on and help you take steps forward. So check that out. Remember to like and subscribe and hit that notification bell. And I will see you in the next video. Goodbye.

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