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Why Donald Trump Is a Massive Inspiration to me

Hi, it's Victoria here from BAM POW LIFE and in this video I'm talking about why Donald Trump is a massive inspiration to me.

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So, Donald Trump, is such an inspiration, right? You might be thinking, what the fuck? Let me tell you. Anytime that I doubt myself, anytime that I have a little of, maybe you should go on a diet, anytime that I think that I should give someone money to try and make me look better in a certain way which doesn't serve me that I don't enjoy, I think, who is getting my money? Who is getting my emotional energy? So, I like to think about the people who are benefiting from women living small are rich old white men. And who is the worst rich old white man? Donald Trump. So, anytime that I have any doubts, I think who's benefiting? Donald Trump, fuck that. I ain't giving him shit. He's not getting any of my emotional energies, he's not getting any of my money, fuck that. This money, this emotional energy is staying with this queen.

So, it could be that your person that you think about is someone else, but I like to think about Donald Trump. He's a great motivator for any low self esteem, and also, if someone like him can become the president of the United States, who am I to doubt my greatness in areas that I'm an expert in? I'm not. So come up with your own inspiration. It could be Donald Trump, it could be someone else of who you're going to think of. When you're thinking about dieting, when you're thinking that you're not good enough, that person that you're going to have in your brain and you're thinking, do I want to give them money? Do I want to give them emotional energy? So, think of them and be inspired and love yourself.

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