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What is Body Neutrality?

Hi, it's Victoria here from BAM POW LIFE. In this video, I want to talk about body neutrality.

So, you may be striving to love yourself, love your body, and look in the mirror and think, "Oh my God, I am a fucking queen," and that might not be happening for you, and I want to talk about how that's okay. It's okay not to be looking at your body every single day and thinking that you are fucking glorious, because sometimes you just don't feel like that. And to aspire to that, every single day feeling like that, is unrealistic, and even the most confident, powerful, body-loving warriors out there aren't like that. Because a lot of times, when you feel confident about your body, you just don't think about it, and you think about how it serves you in regards to it lets you move around in the world, it lets you smell the flowers, it lets you feel the rain in your skin. You know, it lets you run into the arms of your loved one, all that type of stuff.

And so, in the body love journey, if you're struggling, just try and reach for body neutrality. Body neutrality is thinking about your body and thinking, "Yeah, meh, whatever, not a big deal," or not thinking about your body, instead of "Oh my God, it's disgusting," or "Oh my God, I'm a queen." And some days, you will feel like "Oh my God, I'm a queen, mm, look at that ass, ooh, look at those titties," whatever you have, and other days you're going to be like ... have these thoughts coming into your mind of "Mm, no, I don't like that." So just notice the thoughts that are coming up, and if you are struggling to strive for body love and adoration, strive for body neutrality, because that is a wonderful place to be, and it's probably a million times better than a lot of people in the world who really despise and hate their bodies. And so, if you can get to neutrality, that is incredible, girl.

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