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What Babies Can Teach Us About Our Bodies

Hi. It's Victoria here from Bam Pow Life, and in this video, I want to talk about how babies are smarter about thinking about their bodies than we are.

Think about a baby, a cute, little, chubby little thing and their body is perfection, right? As they grow older, they are really curious about this amazing thing that they have. Do you remember being like that? I remember being curious about my body and being like, "Wow. What are these things?" and having no judgment about it and just being interested in it.

You might have a baby who's like, "Hands. I have hands. I can grab things. I can touch things. I can put things in my mouth. Oh my God, a belly button. There's hole in my tummy. Oh, look at my feet. They're amazing." When have we last been like that? Probably not since then, right, because we were soon taught that our bodies weren't good enough when they were.

Another thing that babies, children have, way of thinking which we don't have anymore is this resilience when it comes to trying. Think about a baby who is learning to work. They are standing up so wobbly. They take their first step, and they fall on the floor. The baby doesn't say, "Well, shit. I tried that walking thing one time, and I was a big fat failure." No, they just tried it again, and they failed again. They tried again and again and again and again and again, and they became a walker.

I think the babies and children are very smart about certain things. Look at your body with awe like ... The things that it does, how amazing it is. Look at our fingerprints. Look at our skin. Look at our hair. Oh my God. The next time you try something and fail, think, "Maybe I should just try it again." What would a baby do? Hmm, they try again. Sometimes, you're not meant to do that thing, so sometimes, babies, not all babies grow up to be walkers. Some people aren't able-bodied, and that's okay too, but if you try these things and you fail, it's okay. Learn from some babies because they are smarties.

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