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The 4 R's to calm your nerves before an interview

Interviews can be hella scary. Even if you're a pro then this overview should act as a great check list.


Image credit  Peyri Herrera /Creative Commons   

Image credit Peyri Herrera/Creative Commons


  • Research

Get into stalker mode and research as much as you can about the company, role and interviewer(s). The more you know the more relaxed and comfortable you will feel. There is only so much you can control about an interview and your knowledge base is one of those things.

  • Role play

Take the time to look at tough interview questions and rehearse your answers with someone. Hash out everything that you’re nervous about. You can even role play talking to the Receptionist, shaking hands, saying goodbye…anything that you’re worried about then practice, practice, practice.

  • Realise

Realise the person interviewing you is also a real life human being with emotions and feelings too (unless it’s one of these start up companies they get the office dog to interview you). Maybe they’re nervous about conducting an interview and don’t want to look silly in front of you, maybe they ate a giant breakfast burrito and are worried their breath smells. They have fears just like you and most likely, really want you to do well at the interview. Just remember, they cry themselves to sleep at night just like you do.

  • Relax

Be on time and take a few moments to sit in your car or outside the building before you go in and breathe. Meditate the evening before your interview or go to yoga. Listen to your favourite music, have a bath. Get yourself in a calm and serene mood. When you’re in the interview if you feel yourself getting anxious then sit back in your chair and roll your shoulders back. This has a two fold effect – one it’s a more open and confident position for you to sit in versus all scrunched up and two it gives your chest more space to take deep, calming breaths – try it, it works!