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12 Months - 12 Inspirational Women - Tracy Theemes

12 Months - 12 Inspirational Women - Month Two

Tracy Theemes – Financial Advisor & Author – Sophia Financial

Credit: Tobin Smith

Credit: Tobin Smith

Tracy Theemes is one of those women that you wish that you knew long ago, filled with wisdom, spunk and chutzpah, just knowing her increases your own life’s awesomeness. She went from being a psychologist to giving it all up in search of something else and has forged an incredible career for herself in the process.


Tracy invited me to her office on Alma and 10th in Vancouver and gave me the most delicious cup of tea I have ever tasted. I told her I had done a lot of stalking of her online and she responded by asking if I had found any naked pictures. “Of course, hundreds, you need more professional shots next time though”, I responded. We both burst out laughing and she told me of her hand injury she is currently nursing from texting all the guys she has met online through internet dating. This is not the stiff corporate woman a typical financial advisor bio would lead you to believe existed at all!


Why Tracy is inspirational:


1.     She takes the shame out of money

In Tracy’s book The Financially Empowered Woman there are a ton of examples of women who you’d think would know money and how to handle it but don’t and vice versa. She says one client who ran a $14 million dollar business had no clue what an RRSP was and that’s ok. Tracy praises her for having the courage to admit what she doesn’t know. And just because you’re not a millionaire it doesn’t mean that you’re not incredibly important. She believes financially empowered women at every income level, are incredibly important, especially to end generational poverty.


2.     She is brave

Tracy had got her Degree, her Masters and was then studying for her PhD in Psychology but something didn’t feel right. She was working on the Downtown Eastside and 2 babies had died because of, what Tracy saw, was a simple lack of money. She knew in that moment that she needed to learn more about money, why some people had an abundance and why some people literally died because of not having enough. She quit her PhD, to the horror of everyone around her, and walked into a local car dealership in search of a basic sales job. She lost a massive chunk of her friends who thought she had lost her mind, but Tracy knew this was the right path for her. She eventually created an impressive international career which she knew was right for her even though it meant that she could never have the title of “Doctor”.


3.     She is gives back

20% of Tracy’s time (probably more in fact) is spent on pro bono cases. Every morning she spends time before she gets to work emailing and assisting people who need help. She holds free workshops for people who need them so that they can become financially literate. She is present with you when you talk with her and she offers you warmth, wit and guidance. She starts her day every morning with 30 minutes in silence and ponders “How can I serve today”.

Credit: Tobin Smith

Credit: Tobin Smith


Tracy’s Top 3 List:


Top 3 Favourite Books

  1. Women Food and God – Geneen Roth
  2. Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort of Joy - Sarah Ban Breathnach
  3. The Mists of Avalon - Marion Zimmer Bradley


Top 3 Influential People in your life

  1. Mom who survived poverty, abuse and was still an inspirational woman
  2. “Aunt” Helen who was single until the age of 35 and didn’t care what society expected from her
  3. Gloria Strait, my most influential mentor who taught me you could be rich successful and happy and then taught me how to do it.


Top 3 “Ah-ha” moments

  1. 50th bday…looking back at my life and realizing it was half over and I had always thought I could do anything and fit it all in. I realized that there were so many adventures I hadn’t gone on and so many songs I hadn’t sung yet. A sense of urgency overcame me and I declared “now.” And it changed the direction of my life.
  2. It had never occurred to me or been in any paradigm I had been brought up with that happiness was a goal. The idea came over me while I was walking at Granville Island eating a ham and cheese croissant…how does happy feel? What does a happy person think? What do they eat? How do they live their life? It was a foreign concept to me. And my curiosity led me on a journey that I am still on today.
  3. My daughter is an incredible young woman. And a couple weeks ago she talked to me about how different she feels from so many people her age. And she was wondering if there was something wrong with her that she was so ambitious. That she always wanted challenges and to push herself. I was shocked by her concern. I knew it was from something or someone she has absorbed socially and I was taken aback. I knew the “tall poppy” syndrome had hit her as it does so many young women. It reinforced my commitment to co-journeying with this new generation so their power is not cut off and their ambitions are not squashed.


Top 3 successes in life

  1. Creating Sophia Financial with my business partner
  2. Selling my business in the US
  3. Getting out of my sticky employment contract with an international play company


Top 3 things people should try today

  1. Being alone and quiet
  2. Hip hop dancing
  3. Kiss a someone you’ve never kissed before



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