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The Exact Steps to Take to Feel Confident in Your Fat Body and Around Food

Hi, it's Victoria here from fierce fatty and in this video I am revealing the exact steps that you need to take to feel confident in your fat body and around food.

Before we get into this video, make sure that you are subscribed to my channel and hit that bell icon, which will notify you when my next video is out. I put a video out every single week. If you liked this video, make sure you, give me a like, and if you really like this video, why don't you share it with your friends? They would be forever grateful. As would I and I've got an extra special Freebie for you. Check out the links below. I've got the A to B fierce framework planner. So it's going to help you go through all of the steps that you need to go through to get from feeling meek and mild to courageous and confident. Let's do it.

So what actions do you need to take to go from A to B? A is what you're feeling right now, where you're at right now, how you're feeling about your body, how you're feeling around food. And B is where you want to be, where you feel food freedom, where you feel fabulous and confident and know that you're a queen. So I'm going to give you the framework to get there. And guess what? I put this framework into an acronym for you so you can remember easily, it's called the fierce framework. And so every letter, at fierce stands for a next step in the process for you to go from A to B, from meek and mild to courageous and competence. So let's do it. So F we start with feelings foundation. The very first thing that you need to do is look at your feelings, what you're feeling right now, and where those feelings come from. So you need to understand how living in this diet culture, living in this fatphobia culture has affected you and has fucked with your brain, with the way that you relate to food, get to the root, the root of those feelings.

Once you how to change your neuropathways, you understand how to change the way you think. And if you change the way that you think you changed the way that you act and behave and all of the consequences from that which are wonderful. Next enlightened eating, that is what E stands for, enlightened eating. So now once we've got that base, that framework, we can then look at the way that we eat. And a lot of times this fat people intuitive eating is not the very best fit for us because there can be some things in there like some fat phobic things, which are, you know, we might interpret it as different ways. So I like to say enlightened eating, so it's so hard to have a quote unquote normal relationship with food. In fact, seeing someone who has a normal relationship with food is so rare because we lived in this diet culture and we've all been affected so much by these messages that we get from a very young age about how to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, what we need to put on our plate, food, pyramids, all that type of shit.

You're horrible. You're so this and that. And so when you excel with ease, you understand how to overcome these barriers and so that you are resilient, that you are confident that when shit happens because shit is always going to happen. You know how to do it, how to deal with it, how to look after yourself. Okay, so that the fierce framework, let me remind you of those letters again. F feelings foundation, I internal revolution, E enlightened eating, R raised mindset, C courageous commitments and E excel with ease. And so this framework is the exact framework that I use inside my Fierce Fatty Academy. This is a place where you can work that framework in depth and become a fierce fatty. So Fierce Fatty Academy is open just sporadically throughout the year. So chances are if you're watching this video, you can't get it. I'm sorry, I'm such a tease it's horrible.

But I'm going to make sure that there's a link below so that you can sign up for the wait list in case it is open. Whatever is open, then you're going to know about it. But before that, let's do some work on this and make sure that you get that download that's there called the A to B Fierce Framework Planner. So it's going to help you map how what you're going to do at each stage and help you start that journey on working that framework and getting from A to B. We're going to plan it out and you're going to take action. The first action you're gonna take is you're going to go down in the links below and download that guidebook. All right? Okay, so that's all we've got for today. I will see you in the next video. Make sure that you like this video. If you enjoyed it, hopefully you did. Share it with your friends who might appreciate it and subscribe to my channel, making sure that you take that notification bell. So you know when my next video is out. All right, I'll see you next time. Badass. Goodbye.

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