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How To Love Your "Flawed" Skin

Hi. It's Victoria here from BAM POW LIFE, and in this video we're talking about skin.

So, we all have skin. Yay for us! And all skin is different. Yay for our society! But a lot of the times in body positivity, we don't talk about skin that often. And it's a big thing. Really. It's literally a big thing. It covers your whole body. I choose to not wear that much makeup normally because I want to show my skin and all of its imperfections. As you can see, I have kind of red face. I have lots of moles on my body. I have stretch marks. I have scars, and a big scar from knee surgery.

These are things that I am proud of, but not everyone is proud of them because we've been taught that we need to have an even skin tone, that we shouldn't have any marks on our body that shows that we're a human being, or we're a woman, or our body has changed in any way, or we have born a child, or we have suffered an injury, which is fucked up. Basically, we're taught to erase ourselves as human beings. I think that all of these things, all these different ways that my skin is imperfect is gorgeous and interesting.

So, if you have anything on your skin that you're ashamed of, how about revealing it to the world? I know that can be easier said than done, but you can do it in stages. So, for example, say if you wear foundation to cover, I don't know, acne, but you don't actually want to do that, that doesn't bring you joy, then why not wear a little bit less? Just a little bit. And see how that makes you feel. And see if being your true, authentic self is serving you or not. If you have scars, why not wear ... For example, if I wear trousers, you can't see my big scars on my knees, but if I were to wear shorts, or a skirt then you could.

And see these things like stretch marks, they are so beautiful because they've shown that your body has done something incredible, either grow, change, or grow a fucking baby. You've grown a baby. Sometimes that's why we have stretch marks. Isn't that fucking nuts? And then we're told to be ashamed that our body has made room for another human being? To me, they are like battle scars. They are the most wonderful things that you can see on a woman's body, is stretch marks from having a baby. It's so wonderful.

So, maybe if you can reframe the marks on your bodies as good things, it's good for everyone because no one's skin is perfect. Really. No one's skin is perfect. If you would like more body positivity in your life, then head on over to the link below for my extreme confidence makeover free e-course. Bye girl.

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