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Don’t Love Your Fat Body (Still)? Watch This!

Hi, it's your Victoria here from Fierce Fatty and if you don't love your body still, then you need to check out this video .

Before we get started and make sure that you like this video and share it. If you find this video beneficial and don't forget to check out the links below because I have a download that goes along with this video is called the radical responsibility work book and it's going to help you work out why you don't love your fat body already.

Now, just a little bit of warning, this video might be tough love for some people. Just a little bit of tough love. I'm not going to be too tough today, but just heads up that that's coming.

Okay, so you don't love your fat body. Here's a fact for you. There are tons of resources out there to help you love your fat body. For example, there's books, there's podcasts, there's courses like I've got a course called Fierce Fatty Academy. There is so much to help you, there's so much, but maybe are you not taking action on the stuff that you hear and the advice that is given maybe and why you're not taking action?

I know when I didn't love my body, the big reason why I now know I didn't take action was because there were benefits for me not loving my body. You might be again, what there's no benefits to not loving my body. What are you talking about Victoria, but hold on up as an example. A benefit for not loving your fat body is the act of working on loving your fat body is scary. It's risky. You're probably gonna face criticism. You have to let go of old stories. You have to change the way that you perceive yourself and that's hard, but what benefits are there for you to love your fat body? For example, increased self esteem, happiness, able to go on vacation and do all the things that you think that you fat body can't do. Wear a bikini, date people who are worthy of you instead of losers. The list is endless.

I used to be a massive victim in my life. So you might have seen in my other videos, I experienced abuse, homelessness, poverty, all sorts of things. After I experienced those things, I was evicted, which is totally normal. It's absolutely normal. But for years I kept being like, oh my God, my life is so shit and all these bad things happen to me. And then I discovered a book called the happiness advantage by Shawn Achor. In that book he talks about the third path. So the third path is, let me tell you what path one and two is. First two path one. After we've experienced trauma, what most people do, and it's absolutely 1000% normal, is to take that trauma and go on a downward spiral. The second path is when you've experienced trauma or something difficult in your life is to stick with status quo. It's not to do anything. Nothing changes, good or bad, That's less than normal. And the third path is to take that bad experience, that trauma, and use it to push you forward, to help you excel in life. Use it as a lesson.

Now if you experienced a trauma and the first thing that you do is you're like, oh my God, I'm so pleased that that bad thing happened, then that's probably a bit weird. But most people, they stay on that first path, which is using it as a downward spiral forever until you have a choice. You can decide of all the shit things that's happened in your life and all the terrible ways that you feel about your body. Are you going to use that to continue to feel down or are you going to take the third path and use it as a lesson, as a wonderful thing that happened and use it to help you love your body?

So for example, being in an abusive relationship and now I can look back and be like, wow, I really learned some amazing things about myself. I wouldn't necessarily be as strong as I am today if I hadn't experienced that. Same with homelessness. Now when I see a homeless person on the street, before I experienced homelessness, I probably would have been like, oh, you know, thinking negative things about them. Whereas now I'm like, wow, I understand how complex a situation of homelessness is. And so now I live my life in something that is called radical responsibility. So I am responsible for what's going on in my life and the way that I'm feeling. And for me that is a wonderful thing to believe because it means that I am able to overcome things when something negative happens. Or if I'm not feeling good about myself, I am going to take radical responsibility for making a change in my life.

So you have to look at the benefits of not loving your fat body and the benefits of loving your fat body and decide which one is bigger, what is more desirable? You might decide that actually not loving your fat body is more desirable and beneficial to you right now. And that's absolutely okay. That's your choice. But it's also your choice to decide to take radical responsibility and take the third path into something beautiful.

So download the radical responsibility workbook in the links below. And if you liked this video, please share it. Give me a, like if you're on youtube, subscribe to my channel. I have a new video every single week and I will see you in next time. Bye.

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