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Can You Be Body Positive and Lose Weight?

Can you be body positive and lose weight? Simple answer. No. You cannot be body positive and intentionally lose weight. Here's why. So the body positive movement is something that came from fat positivity. And so fat positivity is celebrating and advocating for fat bodies, and so the body positivity movement came from fat positivity.

By intentionally losing weight, you are erasing a potentially fat body. You are saying, "I no longer want to be fat." And that is not body positive. It's not fat positive. You can be body positive and feel like you want to lose weight, but if you act on it, that is not a body positive choice.

If you hear people saying, "Lose weight in the body positive way." It's bullshit girl. You are not being body positive. You can happen to lose weight because you get sick or something happens in your life where your body changes, and it's not something that's intentional, you're still body positive, but you cannot claim body positive status and also be dieting.

On the other side, it's okay if you have those thoughts, right? Because diet culture is so deeply ingrained in our society that it's pretty hard not to, right? So just recognizing that and thinking, "I strive to be body positive, and because of that, I want to love my body, celebrate fat bodies, and I choose not to diet."

So, if you choose to diet, that's absolutely fine. Your body, your choice. But you can't choose to diet and also say, "I'm a body positive advocate." It doesn't work like that. So you can either be body positive, or you can intentionally lose weight. You can't do both things at the same time.

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