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5 Body Language Hacks You Can Use Today!

Body language is incredibly powerful; you may not be uttering a word but how you’re holding yourself speaks volumes. Your body expresses emotions better than your face . Imagine speaking with someone who avoids eye contact, folds their arms over their chest and is slumped over. What would that tell you? Shy, nervous, unsure, bored, angry? None of it positive. If that same person opened their body up and smiled how would you feel about them now? Even if you are nervous or unsure you can fake it, you can trick your brain into believing you’re strong and powerful just by changing your pose!


“Our nonverbals govern how other people think and feel about us” - Amy Cuddy


Amy Cuddy is da bomb when it comes to power posing and her famous Ted Talk has been viewed over 24 million times. Check it out for a 20 minute boost of power posing ideas.


Quick ways to improve your mood with your body language


Go for a cheerful walk

Walking is always great, but have you ever gone for a walk and been grumpy about it. Sometimes in the morning when I walk my dog I can feel tired, want an extra 30 mins in bed etc. That reflects in my posture; my head will be down, sholders slumped and I am not having fun. Whenever I am lucky to catch myself doing this I force myself to look up, listen to the gentle morning noises of the neighbourhood and smile. Before long my mood changes just because my body language changed.


Smile to yourself

Sitting at your desk and feeling glum? Start smiling, try smiling for 60 seconds. Your brain can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. If you’re feeling really adventurous (and are alone) then why not laugh for no reason. Soon you’ll start laughing for real. Just try not to laugh maniacally in your cubicle on your own, your colleagues may think you’ve finally lost it.


Look up, and get some light into your brain

It’s so easy to spend all day head down staring at your screen. Take a moment to look up, look out the window. Your head up is a more powerful pose then down, a break with positive body language may interrupt negative thoughts.


Get all badass with a hardcore power pose

Want a boost in feeling powerful? Roll back your shoulders, sit back in your chair, put your feet on the table. Power posing makes us feel better. Try this pose for a few minutes and start noticing how awesome you feel. Boss of the world? I think so!


Fake it til you make it

You may not feel all that terrific but if you are power posing, smiling and cheerful walking your brain will catch up with your body and soon enough you’ll be feeling some good ju-ju! Try it, see what works best for you!