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11 of the Highest Paid Unusual Jobs

There are plenty of ways to make a living, and even some great ways to make a killing with your salary, but have you ever thought of looking into the weird and wonderful roles out there and how much you could make? Check out this list of the most unusual ways to make some moola and maybe consider a change in career!


Trapeze Artist - $40, 000 - $100, 000

Been threatening to run away and join the circus? It might actually be a viable career! These skilled acrobats take risks every day for the thrill of the catch, but can also be rewarded handsomely with their salary package. Professional performers with Cirque du Soleil can have steady employment, however some Trapeze Artists can go weeks or even months without a paid gig. Risky business all round.


Funeral Service Manager - $73, 930

They put the fun in funeral (I couldn’t resist)! Funeral Service Managers have to be excellent communicators, have a keen eye for detail and discretion as well as be interior decorators and event planners. A busy, demanding and sometimes very rewarding role that will net you close to 75K+. If you want to get a little bit more macabre then you could always be an Embalmer for an average salary of $43, 680.


Gastroenterologist - $250, 000 - $400, 000

Have a penchant for digging around in people’s bung holes? This role may well be for you! You will need to take years of training as well as residencies and getting licenced, but if you’re after the big bucks then it could be worth all the blood, sweat and tears.


Personal Shopper - $25, 000 - $100, 000

It’s hard to look fabulous 24/7 but when you have a personal shopper it can be a cinch! If you love trawling the isles and have a passion for being on trend you could love this role helping the reluctant shopper. You’ll have to start small though and earn your way to the big bucks, learn more here.


Crime Scene Cleaner - $75, 000

I watch hours of crime dramas but never consider the poor sap that has to clean up after the detectives have left. Someone has to do it and plenty of people make solid careers out of the task. In fact business in booming so if you are looking for a niche then this could be the one for you!


Hand Model - $20 - $3000+ for a days work

Damn gurrrrlll! Those hands have got it going on! Want to Vogue your way to being Canada’s Next Top Hand Model? Don’t worry, even if you have a face like a slapped arse but heavenly hands it’s all good. It’s easier to make more money than just a face model as your hands aren’t as recognizable and so can appear in competing companies campaigns alongside each other. Read this story of a successful hand model for the details on how those purdy hands can bring you some serious coin.


Auctioneer – $46, 000 - $120, 00+

Did you know that Auctioneers can only work for an hour at a time because the strain is so much on their voice that any longer would see them hoarse? Auctioneers are the rock star of the show in more ways than one – not only do they perform impressive vocal feats for the crowd they can also travel globally to different auctions and have a pretty glamorous time of things. It’s not an easy line of work for women to be in though, a massive portion of Auctioneers are men. Get ME up there, I’ll show them my lungs!


Astronomer - Average $139,140 a year, up to $170, 230

Did you know that if two pieces of the same type of metal touch in space, they will bond and be permanently stuck together? An Astronomer would and tons of other cool facts about our Universe. Space is so vast that as an Astronomer you would likely need to specialize on one area, for example black holes, or when the next asteroid will hit earth, or why Canadians don’t know how to use roundabouts AKA traffic circles.


Air Traffic Controller - $122,530 a year

Air Traffic Controllers have the lives of many people in their hands, and of course, more importantly making sure flights leave on time through a very precisely scheduled mid air dance between aircraft landing and taking off. There’s no office pranks in the ATC centre as every second counts.


Bingo Manager - $30, 123 - $127, 708

Legs eleven! Two fat ladies, eighty eight! Droopy drawers, it’s forty-four! In the UK, you’ve got to be hot on numbers slang to wow the players. Bring that style and sizzle to a North American Bingo Manager role and you’ll be reaching for the higher end of the pay range.

Olfaction (Smell) Judge - $19, 000 - $52, 000

The sense of smell is our most primitive sense and is located in the same part of our brain that effects emotions, memory, and creativity. Think of all the smells we come across on a daily basis, from the new car smell air freshener  to that can of Axe you bought to hide the smell of your sweaty pits. There has been a team of people behind building that sensory experience that we barely think twice about. Learn more about the fascinating science here.

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