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Ridiculously Silly Email Addresses Candidates Have Used On Resumes

Did you know: A Recruitment Professional or Hiring Manager will spend only six seconds reviewing a resume before deciding to delete or read on? In those six seconds, the crucial information is scanned over; one of those things that is noticed is contact information. I recently asked a group of Hiring Managers the most bonkers email address they have seen on a candidates application and the results are in!


  • harryhatestheworld@...This is from 8 years ago and I remember it like yesterday!  


  • dudeman420@ 


  • bionicblonde@ 


  • angel69@


  • spliffymiffy@....5 years ago and it still makes me laugh. 


  • qt_piebunny@ 


  • dontcallmebaby@....Don't worry, no one will be calling you. 


  • crazycowgirl@ 


  • blazer420@


And a confession from one recruiter, Sarah: “Actually prior to my 'Corporate Career' my personal email was Sazzle86...for some reason I went through a phase of writing 'zzzzz's' in everything.”. She has since learned her lesson!


What the strangest thing you’ve seen on an application?