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Social media and getting your job on

Being a social media maven will improve your chances of finding a job fantastically, but you don’t need to be a Google intern to reap the benefits!




If you don’t have it – shame on you! It’s free, it’s awesome, why wouldn’t you want all of its LinkedIn loveliness, you crazy animal?! Don’t worry, we can still be friends, but get your profile up asap! So much activity goes on on LinkedIn and to not use this free resource is bonkers. Recruiters, HR Managers and Hiring Managers will search for candidates here and if you’re not searchable then you’re not in the game. Also being on LI shows you’re business savvy.

The best time to start using LinkedIn is when you’re not looking for a new job, that way you can build up your profile and leisurely add contacts. The second best time is now.

You can import your resume on there and it’ll just build your profile for you. Like-ability studies have shown a smiling, colour photo is the best route to go if you want people to fall in candidate-love with you. Once you have your profile set up and it’s looking fly then connect, connect, connect.

Connect with everyone you know, the more the merrier. Connect with your Mum, your Sister, your Great-Aunt Mildred – you’d be surprised, Ol’ Mildred might have some wicked connections you can leverage.

Remember LinkedIn isn’t as social as Facebook so don’t share status with videos of gnarly kittens looking super cute. Keep it professional and related to your industry. Check out my LinkedIn profile  and steal ideas. (I don’t have a colour picture due to our corporate branding). Remember keep things short and sweet in the summary box, aint nobody want to hear that you occasionally refill the office stationary cupboard with highlighters. Oh and don’t forget to add your LinkedIn URL to you resume, make it even slicker by editing the URL so it’s just your name instead of a long list of letters and numbers.



Twitter is just smashing if you want to stay more incognito. A lot of the most savvy companies and recruiters out there have accounts where they tweet about new jobs, things that the company is getting up to and other information that may be useful. You can follow people who are currently in your dream job or people who give great career advice (ahem - @victoria_welsby), or people working at that company you like the look of. Remember everything you tweet about can be visible to a future employer so keep it as clean as possible.



Chances are that your next job is within your network so if you’re looking to make a move then leverage your Facebook friends. If you’re comfortable with everyone knowing you’re looking (for example, if you’re out of work currently) then write a status like “I am currently looking for a new role in the XYZ field in Vancouver, any referrals or leads would be fantastic!” You’d be surprised how many people will take note and think of you if things come up in their office. Always be careful that you’re not connected with current colleagues/bosses if you’re going to take this route – you don’t want to end up like this plonker.



Other social media

A lot of companies are savvy and follow social media stats and know what you’re up to. For example an average of one hour and seventeen minutes are spent on Pinterest everyday, compared to thirty six minutes on Twitter. If you’re into one social media platform over the other then see if you can use it in your job search one way. Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, YouTube, will find companies on all these platforms and more. How cool would it be if you had an account and engaged with them there as well as sending a resume? Answer: super cool.


Try Googling yourself and make sure nothing comes up that you wouldn't want your future employer to see. Trust me, a lot of people Google future employees. Most importantly, leverage any social media you use to gain industry insights or connect with prospective employers and if you’re not on any form of social media then seriously consider how this may damage your job hunt.

Here’s some groovy music that’ll inspire you to get jiggy with your laptop.


Let’s get all technological ya’ll!