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Where are all these job thingymajigs?

Where are all the jobs? What’s the deal with them being all shy and hiding away from us? Don’t they know we love jobs and we all want at least one!

Thing is, when you’re looking for work it’s like you’re in an episode of Mantracker. You’re the dude on the horse and the job is hiding inches away from you in some bushes. You’re gonna have to get creative in your approach and here’s how.

The Four F’s


Chances are your going to find your next job through someone you know. Especially if you’ve been living in the same place for more than a year. People recommend their friends for jobs – they can vouch that the person is not a weirdo and it’s so much simpler than putting an advert up somewhere. Tell everyone you come in contact with that you’re looking for work, announce it on Facebook, tell your neighbours and keep telling them. You’d be surprised the amount of times you’d have to tell someone you’re looking for work before they actually realize you’re looking for work. Really.


Everyone checks out the same job boards, but don’t forget the screen scrapers like or – these job boards are ace because they consolidate the job postings online and saves you a ton of time. LinkedIn is great for job postings – ever noticed there’s a tab at the top of the page that says JOBS? And the good thing about that is it tells you who posted the job – connect with them! Twitter is great for job postings – follow recruiters who work for companies you’d like to work for and watch their feed.

Top Employers

Keep your eyes peeled for information on new companies, mergers, acquisitions and cash injections. Those companies will likely be hiring soon. The hottest resource for business intel in Vancouver is something called The Book of Lists. It is my bible when it comes to knowing who’s who in Vancouver. It does cost money though. Check out B.C.s 100 top employers online for free.

 Once you know who is hot and where you may want to work you can snoop on their career page, look at the recruiters on LinkedIn and connect with them.


Connections in Vancouver are really important. Once you have identified some companies that you think are rad, connect with someone who works for them (maybe in a role you’d like to have yourself) and ask them if you can grab a coffee with them. Ask if you can pick their brain on the company and how they got to where they are today. You can do this with people who work in HR or Recruitment too. Trust me; they’ll be flattered that you’re interested in them and their company. Make sure you’re the one who pays for coffee and send them a thank you note afterwards.

Guess what – 80% of new jobs never hit the job boards, why? Because the first thing people do when they need to find a new staff member is to say to the team “Who do you know?” Make yourself that person that they know.