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Resume power words

Resumes can be a real drag to read sometimes. Why not spice yours up with some power words. Go bananas!

  • Advanced, Assessed, Absorbed, Accelerated, Accentuated, Attained, Attracted, Appraised, Amassed
  • Budgeted, Bolstered, Balanced, Boosted, Beneficial
  • Collaborated
  • Designed, Delegated, Demonstrated, Detected
  • Efficient, Enhanced, Excelled, Exceeded, Enriched
  • Fulfilled, Forecasted, Formulated
  • Generated, Guided, Granted
  • Helped, Hosted
  • Implemented, Investigated, Increased, Initiated, Influenced, Integrated, Innovated
  • Justified
  • Mentored, Multiplied
  • Negotiated
  • Observed, Operated, Obtained
  • Promoted, Presented, Programmed, Provided
  • Quantified, Quoted
  • Refine, Revamp, Retained, Recovered, Reinstated
  • Sustained, Skilled, Saved, Scheduled, Supported, Secured, Simplified, Screened, Segmented, Streamlined, Strengthened
  • Triumphed, Troubleshot, Translated, Trained
  • Uncovered, United, Updated, Upgraded
  • Validated