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Wear the Damn Bikini Without Shame and Live the Life You Truly Deserve


  • You’re fed up with fad diets that are getting you nowhere 

  • You see other women and wish you had their confidence

  • You are tired of always hating your body

You’re tired and soo done with living this way because you know if it continues:

  • You’ll continue to miss out on life’s most joyful moments because of your body

  • Your relationships with your spouse, friends and kids will suffer because you don’t love yourself

  • You won’t ask for what you want in work, life, the bedroom…

  • You’ll live a life smaller than you deserve because you feel bigger than you should be

    I have been in your shoes and I know YOU DESERVE BETTER!!

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Heeey Friends,

My name is Victoria, and I am a #FierceFatty! But you knew that already, didn’t you? That’s why you’re here. You have probably seen my videos where I flop out my fat tits and dance around like a twat and maybe thought “She is confident, and FAT, I want some of that shit!” Well, friend, look no further! The goods have arrived.

Now I know you might be thinking “But Victoria, you’re so confident. I don’t think I can be like you. I just feel too bad about myself to even begin thinking about myself as worthy, let alone beautiful, sexy, and fierce!”

As a general rule I try to steer clear of telling people how they feel, and especially that how they feel is wrong, but MAMAJAMA! THAT SHIT IS JUST NOT TRUE!

At one point, I was sitting right where you are *SHOCKER*.

2 (3).png

Whether that means you are still stuck in the pit of despair, Princess Bride style, or if you are figuring out to use your legs, baby giraffe style, now that you have successfully climbed out of said shit-pit. My pit of despair looked a little bit like some serious food traumas, becoming homeless, and seeking love, safety and acceptance in one abusive relationship and shitty situation after another.

I tried diet after diet, starving myself for years, beating myself up because I could not seem to lose weight, and when I did succeed, I could never keep the weight off (because diets suck, not because I sucked). I had accepted that because I was fat, my life was destined to always feel hopeless, and that I was ultimately, a seriously unworthy human being.

One day I found an epiphany nestled in amongst my rock bottom, and that HALLELUJAH moment came delivered to me in the form of the body and fat positive movement.

From that moment on, I worked tirelessly to heal myself, so I could gather the strength I needed to build me a ladder, and climb the fuck outta that pit of doom and depression that I had been trapped in.

I spent years, and years, and years, AND YEARS in therapy (not to mention $$$$$$), and one of the biggest lessons I learned that so much of what I felt, so much of what I have internalized and accepted as truth was actually utter BULLSHIT. What I learned is that from the get go, we are taught that dieting and thin = good, beautiful, worthy, sexy, successful etc. etc. (Barf. How booooring!).

So, friend, you feeling these ways is not surprising or unique, sorry to break it to you. But! What is surprising is that you don’t have to stay there, live there, or die there. You do not need to feel bad about your GLORIOUS bod for one more damn second.



To show you there is another way to loving yourself and your life… JUST AS YOU ARE!


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  • Wearing an old swimsuit that hides your body as best as possible and running into the pool quickly to avoid being seen

  • Trying on loads of clothes and not feeling good in any of them and then not going out, or going out and feeling uncomfortable

  • Not standing up for yourself, playing small in your life

  • Being too scared to try new things, sitting out of activities

  • Being secretive around food or getting self-esteem from being on a diet

  • Spending time with fatphobes - family and friends (and never having a strategy to deal with them)

  • Being a doormat - not setting boundaries and being a victim because of that

  • Having old clothes in your closet that don’t fit or “inspiration outfits”

  • Looking at diet stuff online

  • Dieting or restricting in some way

  • Feeling out of control around food

  • Guilt about eating “bad food”, feeling proud of eating “good food” 

  • Looking at the changing room mirror and feeling like your body is wrong because clothes don’t fit

  • Wishy washy methods for working on loving yourself - just following people on IG or reading books and not actually doing anything structured


  • Strutting into the pool knowing you look amazing, almost not wanting to get in so you can flash that jazzy swimsuit some more

  • Picking out daring clothes and wearing whatever you want

  • Going on adventures and trying new activities

  • Setting boundaries with people and not letting diet conversations into your life

  • Feeling joy around food, eating what you want and not stressing

  • Looking in the mirror at your body and appreciating the waves and honey and what your body does

  • Treating yourself to self-care like spa days or special occasions (because you KNOW you’re worth it)

  • Being able spot a fatphobe a mile away and avoiding them

  • Trying new things, going on adventures

  • Not thinking of your body much at all throughout the day

  • Not needing to adjust clothes to make sure your belly or bum is hidden

  • Knowing what to say when someone comments on your body

  • Having the deep-rooted knowledge that you are worthy, you always were and you always will be


Fierce Fatty Academy is all about stepping into your power, and knowing for certain that you are a fierce, strong, worthy human, in all your body’s GLORY (self proclaimed fatty or not). I designed this program with you in mind, because I suffered FOR YEARS in silence. I thought that I was all alone in this (spoiler alert, SO NOT TRUE), and so, I have pledged my life to making sure no one else feels like I did. Fierce Fatty Academy is what I wish younger Victoria had access to when she felt like there was no way out of the dark place she was living. So like the fatty fairy godmother I am, HERE IT IS! You’re welcome ;)




  • A 360 degree online course that will take you from being too anxious to wear the damn bikini to feeling like a goddamn queen whilst strutting your stuff at the pool.

  • It’s 100% online. You can join no matter where you are in the world.

  • You get the full FIERCE Framework - this will take you step by step through each stage of your confidence journey. I will guide you, you just need to take the first step.

  • 3 months of LIVE group coaching calls - no question is left unanswered.

  • Lifetime access - that means access to all future calls, bonuses and additions to the course.

  • Access to a private Facebook community - you need to be surrounded by like-minded people who are on the exact same journey as you.


Are you ready for this? *Drumroll pleeeeeeeeeease*


The nitty gritty deets

My promise to you, is that Fierce Fatty Academy will teach you the ways of the #FierceFatty, which means releasing all shame and uncertainty about your body. Stepping into the intuitive knowing that your body is miraculous, on your team, and that you are truly worthy of letting go of any and all BULLSHIT diets for good!

Where do we start?

We will move through the 6 modules of the course together, with group webinars, together. We start with a quick and easy Fierce Fatty quiz, so you can identify where you need me the most, and how I can best be of service to you, my lovely. After that, we will start uncovering the tools that we have been using (to keep ourselves feeling small, BTW) don’t actually work.


We will start to unmask how damaging and dangerous certain thoughts and habits are to our well being, happiness, and confidence. Now, I won’t ask you to ditch your crutches, and leave you defenceless, naked and alone in the world, commm’on now! We will start to build up new techniques and tools to help you navigate the new, unlimited, sparkly world you are stepping into.


After that we get a bit technical and we will start discovering the biochemical tricks and life hacks you will need to get you to where you are going faster, and more efficiently (I know, I know. It might sound like a magic trick, but it is not! I swear on Heavenly Holy Hotter than Hell Hugh Jackman).



We will then look into Intuitive Eating and WTF that looks like to you as an individual, special, glorious human being. After that, it is on only natural that we work on building the resiliency and confidence you will need to live in a world that is VERY set in its way of fat/body shaming (REMEMBER: that is the best means they have to keep us small, and obedient). To that I say: “NOT TODAY, SATAN!!”

in a nutshell

We are talking 6 gorgeous modules that start with two quizzes to establish your current baseline. They will highlight where you think you need support, some pain points that could use some learning and expansion, and areas where you might not have realized how strong and resilient you were. After that, we will be doing weekly webinars covering the new module of the week, and there will be homework, check ins, and great community building.

The modules are based on the F.I.E.R.C.E. Framework:

FIERCE Framework (2).png




Understand and identify areas for growth so that this course can have maximum impact on your life! We have two separate in-depth quizzes for you to take. The food quiz and the body quiz. Learn where you’re doing really well and get a baseline for the areas you need to work on. Then you will introduce yourself to the Facebook community, share what you're really excited about and give me your address for a little present in the post. Old school, I know!



F: Feelings foundation

Diet Culture not only affects the way we eat, but also fucks with our body satisfaction in a BIG way. Learn how diet culture has messed with your life and root out those nasty messages you believe about yourself (because baby, they ain’t true!). Understand why you feel the way you do and learn how to change those feelings.



I: internal Revolution

How many years have you felt dissatisfied with your body? For a lot of people it’s their whole life. We don’t want to spend the rest of our lives unlearning all of the negative messages we have internalized before we feel comfortable in our skin and with module 2 you won’t have to. Use proven, systematic and effective ways to change your neural pathways so you begin feel better quickly.



E: Enlightened Eating

It’s so hard to have a “normal” relationship with food when we live in a society that tells us there are good and bad food choices and living in a smaller body means you’re automatically healthy. Ditch those negative beliefs to the curb and understand what is happening in your brain when you binge or “overeat”. Enlightened Eating is like Intuitive Eating, but it’s specifically for people living in fat bodies who have another layer of trauma to heal.



R: Raised Mindset

Phew, we are bombarded with hundreds of thousands of messages about who we should be day in and day out. No wonder we start to believe the lies we are fed! In this module, you will learn how to wrangle your inner critic so that those damaging messages don’t shake your confidence like they have been doing for years.



C: Courageous commitment

Learning about how to be confident is fine and dandy, but what about actually taking the actions you want to take? Test out your new confidence muscles in this module and do something you previously never thought was possible. Seriously, you CAN do it with the lessons you’re gonna learn in Fierce Fatty Academy!



E: Excel with Ease

Plan on moving forward with your life now you feel fan-fucking-tastic? Thought so! In this module you will learn how to continue to harness the tools you’ve learned so that you can overcome any of life’s challenges that may give you confidence wobbles. The system in FFA grows with you as you level up in your life.



design proposal (1).png

How to Love and Accept Your Changing and Ageing Body

We get to a place where we love and accept our body and then they go and change! WTH?! Our bodies always change whether it be through ageing, weight changes or life events. Learn how to deal with these new realities while feeling calm and with gratitude.


Concerned About Your Health? Being Fat and Healthy

In this guide understand how you can be healthy as a fatty. Learn that health is not always obtainable and let go of the things we cannot control.


125 Self-Love Affirmations

If you're not able to come up with all the awesome things about you, then fear not, I have come up with 125 anti-diet, body-loving affirmations to get you started changing your neural pathways! You can either listen to the affirmations or read them in this guide.



Changing those juicy neural pathways and negative thoughts takes a whole lotta effort….or does it?! With these brain bending meditations just sit back and relax as you are taken through powerful audios which does all the hard work for you! Leave feeling refreshed and empowered (all most importantly with your neural pathways influenced for the better.


Tapping: Emotional Freedom Technique

Explore this unique and powerful method for changing your thought patterns and getting to the route of pervasive negative thoughts. Join me on a guided tapping session and with suggested fat positive word tracks to use by yourself.


+NEW+ Group Masterclass: Changing Your Negative Limiting Beliefs

In this live training masterclass understand the essential framework for finally changing your negative limiting beliefs around your body being unattractive because it's fat, beliefs that you "can't do it", beliefs that you keep you stuck and living small...

design proposal (3).png

Advocating For Yourself at The Doctors Office

Knowing how to talk to a health professional when they tell you that weight loss is the solution for whatever health concern is tough. With this guide learn easy and useful tips and word tracks to be able to overcome any weight loss prescription.


Ultimate Guide To Deal With Family, Friends and Strangers

Be able to handle peoples judgements, fears, and health concerns using different techniques that will make you feel empowered and in control. You can make the decision as so whether it is worth your time to educate others, step away, or give yourself some self-care.

design proposal (5).png



Fat Resource Mega List

A giant list of fat and body positive accounts to follow on social media, podcasts, films, tv shows books, and a ginormous fat fashion list to keep you busy for weeks!


What is HAES?

What exactly is Health at Every Size and how does it fit into being fat positive? Are there any negative sides to HAES? Is HAES an approach you should use? Use this guide to explore all those questions and more.


Interviews with 18+ fat positive influencers

You’re unable to listen to these anywhere else apart from Fierce Fatty Academy and interviews include;

  • Jes Baker

  • Virgie Tovar

  • Melissa A Fabello

  • Ushshi Rahman

  • Alysse Dalesandro

  • Danielle Galvin

  • Sassy Latte

  • Valerie Sagun

  • Amy Pence Brown

What do members of Fierce Fatty Academy have to say?



Q: Who is this course for?

A: Well, my darling dear, it is for you if you feel any of the following:You SO want to love yourself, intellectually you know your fat body is a good body, but you just can’t really believe it.

  • You would love to ooze confidence (without being arrogant about it) and actually do the things that scare you once and for all.

  • You want to feel uber confident about Intuitive Eating and relaxed around food.

  • You’re fed up of feeling like you’ve failed at dieting and failed at intuitive eating.

  • You don’t know how to deal with well-meaning friends and family who think you’re going to spontaneously combust because of your fatness.

  • When you are on your own, inside your head and heart, you feel confident and fierce! But as soon as you walk out into the world, you feel yourself shrinking.

  • You have settled for your romantic partner because you are *so lucky* that someone, no matter who it is, has agreed to *love* you and your fatness.

  • You want to be “healthy” but fear being fat or being intuitive eater will mean the opposite.

  • You know that you deserve to feel worthy, and loved, but you are not quite sure how to get there.

  • You feel confident in action, but lack the language needed to carry your confidence out into your social spheres.

  • You say no to things you want to do because you are worried about people thinking you are fat.

  • You feel shame in not wanting to lose weight, and diet anymore.

Q: Who is this course NOT for?

A: A lot of people! If you fall into any of these categories then please don’t buy this course, it’s not a right fit for you:

  • Your goal is to lose weight. I get it if deep down you want to be thin (so many of us do!), but if you’re taking this course to learn Intuitive Eating to lose weight then you’re gonna be sorely disappointed. Intuitive Eating is not a weight loss diet.

  • You’re not open to exploring difficult emotions or actually doing the work. We have spent our whole life internalizing the lessons that fat is bad, thin is good. not to mention the unique lessons that you’ve picked up along the way from your own life (you’re not worthy, you’re lazy, you’re ugly, you’re XYZ). To de-program our beautiful brains takes work. Like, really. I am holding your hand and guiding you through the process, but ultimately you’re the one who has to do the stuff.

  • You have an eating disorder or other serious mental health issue that you hope this course will solve. This course is a resource in addition to formal mental health counselling or therapy.

  • You already love your rad fat body, have a wonderful relationship with food and never contemplate dieting. You don’t need this course if that describes you, so keep your pennies and keep on rockin’, you badass, you!


pink swim (1).jpg

Q: What are you going to tell me that is different than everything therapists/psychiatrists/doctors have been telling me?

A: First off, a disclaimer: I am not a therapist or a nutritionist, although I am a trained coach. If you think you may have an eating disorder or other mental health issue please contact a mental health professional as I am not equipped to deal with your needs.

Okay, so answer: Although what I teach is based in therapeutic techniques, the difference is that this eCourse is practical and we go through the necessary exercises together. Because I understand fatphobia and living in a fat body (albeit a small/medium fat body) I know that there is no magic pill you can take that will cause you to all of a sudden love yourself and never want to diet again.

If you want that from this eCourse then please don’t buy, you will be disappointed! What IS truly game changing about this course is that I have made a clear roadmap to help you get from ashamed, alone and limited to feeling brave, confident, and full of potential. I have spent a lot of time and effort gathering a tickle trunk of practical tools to help fat bodies, and I am here to share them with you along the way. And what is truly special about this course is that everything is all with a fat positive lens. If I had this course when I was deep in body shame and diet land it would have been revolutionary for me! And to be honest, it still is! What I found from therapy is that there was no roadmap to get from shame to sassiness, this is what this course is giving you. So whenever you veer off the path (as we all do from time to time), you have a clear way back to Fierce Fattiness!

Q: What if I start the course and realize, Woah Mama. This is not for me! I need some insurance before I pounce!

A: I get that. And I really respect your honesty. You get a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. Show me you’ve done the work, but it’s just not the right glass slipper for you, and I’ll give you your money back. I am dedicated in having deliriously happy customers and if that’s not you then I don’t want your money.



Q: What Inspired you to make this course?

A: UHHHHHHHH, EVERY SINGLE FATTY ON THE PLANET. But the truth is, the person who most inspired it is YOU. Below are questions I get daily, weekly, hourly, monthly, moment to moment, and I realized I needed to create a space where those questions were addressed, and answered. So these will all be addressed in this brilliant FIERCE FATTY ACADEMY

Q: Are there any hidden costs, or fees?

A: Absolutely not. You pay one price for this brand spanking new Fierce Fatty Academy. There are no “hidden fees” that will show up and derail your progress and efforts.

Q: Let's talk dollar dollar bills. this course is a lot of money for me

A: I know learning this stuff is life changing and so I don’t want lack of funds to stop you. No matter if you pay in full or on the instalment plan you get treated equally with access to all of the course content.

I get it $1297 is a lot of money, but what will it cost you to not invest in this course... years more of therapy at $150 - $500+ a session, more books that aren't teaching you the lessons you actually need. Two things I want to say about this;

1) Is loving your body, feeling unstoppably confident and having a wonderful relationship with food worth $1297 to you? Probably not…it’s probably worth SO MUCH MORE, right? Thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased life satisfaction and opportunities.

2) If you answered “Nah, my life won’t improve by $1297 if I loved my fat body/felt confident/had a good relationship with food” even if you don’t think your life will improve by 2K’s worth…then don’t buy this course. Please. If you think this is not valuable to you, you will not get value from it. Simple.

“The transformation is in the transaction." The act of investing in yourself, paying money to make your life better will mean you’ll experience a bigger transformation! Do you think you’ll actually do the work if you’ve paid $1297 to be inside this course? Hell yeah you will!

If you doubt that you’re valuable enough to invest in yourself, let me just tell you something I wish I was told many years ago before all the year of stress and struggle. You ARE worth it. You are SO, SO worth it. Your life is has sold much value, and its time you start seeing that beauty & worth, let me show you how!! It is your time to shine.

Q: Victoria, I don’t identify as “fat” yet. I am still working on it… is this course for me?

A: I know that this course is for you. I developed this course with a younger me in mind, and everything I needed BEFORE I got to a place of loving my fatness. I have lived experience and have overcome the shame and deep desire to be thin myself versus it being just theoretical. The word “fat” to me was the most powerful and painful word in the dictionary. I would do anything to not be associated with it, and feared deeply anyone ever calling me it. That is why I think it is SO important to reclaim it as a neutral descriptor for your body. You may not dig the word fat yet, but maybe after learning everything you will in this course you will come to.


Q: Victoria, I’m not actually fat, I’m “straight sized” or “chubby” … is this course for me?

A: Fatphobia affects all bodies, big or small. The stuff I teach in Fierce Fatty Academy is directed to those who live in larger bodies, however it is 100% applicable to folks with smaller bodies or other marginalized bodies. Come on in, you’re welcome! Fat bodies however, are centered in the Academy.

If you are still wondering if your brilliant, unique needs will be met, scroll through this list of Q’s, and know for damn certain these will be in the course.

Intuitive Eating, WTF?

  • How do I remain patient with intuitive eating and not turn intuitive eating into a diet?

  • How long will it take to eat “normally”?

  • Will intuitive eating make my weight go up or down?

  • What if I want to eat everything forever and then die from being so fat?

  • Am I actually addicted to food?

  • How can I break binge eating patterns?

  • How can I incorporate my family into intuitive eating?

  • What if I’m bad at intuitive eating?

  • My body doesn’t send me hunger and fullness cues, what do I do?

  • My body is unique and I need to follow a special diet because of health issues. What then?

Loving ourselves, just as we are:

  • What if I still want to be thin?

  • What are the most effective tools for appreciating my body?

  • How do we not internalize others negative opinions; and how do we love our fat body unconditionally?

  • What does loving your body look like when you don’t “feel love” for your body? How do you show love for you body when you’ve had a bad day, or feel terrible about your appearance, or feel stuck from trauma? What are tangible steps can you take to show love for yourself even when you don’t feel it?

  • Flipping the switch on negative self-talk - recognizing and analyzing negative self-talk and finding ways to flip it on its head or identify the root cause for the thought.

  • How to accept/be kinder to yourself when your body feels like the enemy.

Those around us and how they affect us:

  • How to deal with IRL trolling when you openly embrace your body, stop hiding it and start taking up glorious space.

  • In what ways should you respond to friends who fat shame themselves and claim to love the gym, dieting, etc.

  • How can I deal with friends and family encouraging me to lose weight "with my best interest at heart"?

  • One shitty comment can rewind years of hard work. How do you build up shame resilience around your body relationship?


Fatphobia, Medical Health, & Doctors, Oh my!

  • How do I deal with fatphobia in day to day life? What do I do if the doctor says I need to lose weight?

  • How can I deal with fatphobia in the medical field, such as requesting to not be weighed or ensuring that your primary issue is addressed, rather than just brushed off with "lose some weight - your BMI is too high"?


  • One of the biggest triggers for low confidence for fat people is being photographed. How do you get to a place where seeing a picture of yourself does not induce infinite shame and despair?

  • How do you deal with setbacks in progress? (For example, after thinking you are super cool with where your body is at, then seeing a picture of you in a bathing suit brings up feelings of pain and self loathing).

  • Loving all your curves and how to feel okay about eating in public.

  • Struggling with self-confidence while dating (still believing that the only people that would want to be in a relationship with fatties would be weirdos, losers and creeps).  

  • Getting rid of anxieties around the perceived body expectations of potential love interests/partners in real life and those you may meet on dating apps.

  • How to find/build a fat community near you. Online is great, but being surrounded by people who look like you and struggle like you is so healing.

What You Get Inside The Fierce Fatty Academy

  • A 360 degree online course that will take you from being too anxious to wear the damn bikini to feeling like a goddamn queen whilst strutting your stuff at the pool.

  • It’s 100% online. You can join no matter where you are in the world.

  • You get the full FIERCE Framework - this will take you step by step through each stage of your confidence journey. I will guide you, you just need to take the first step.

  • 3 months of LIVE group coaching calls - no question is left unanswered.

  • Lifetime access - that means access to all future calls, bonuses and additions to the course.

  • Access to a private Facebook community - you need to be surrounded by like-minded people who are on the exact same journey as you.



  • How long have you spent hating on yourself?

  • How many times have you caught your reflection in the mirror and felt disappointment?

  • How many times have you thought there was something wrong with you because you feel out of control around food?

  • How many times have you seen a confident fat person and thought “I wish I felt like her.” How many times have you looked at your thin friends with envy?

  • How many things have you not done, how many outfits have you not worn, how many times have you said “no” when you wanted to say a big fat “yes!”?

If you could think of more than a handful of times you put yourself second, or more than a few years you’ve been looking for an answer then I am telling you; you cannot afford to wait another goddamn day.


You are so worth investing in yourself, you deserve to feel good, not just good - you deserve to feel fucking amazing!

You might be thinking “I can do this on my own.” Darling, this is where I get tough with you…Of course you can muddle through, searching for free information, and slowly put the puzzle pieces together. But…why haven’t you done it so far? Why aren’t you there yet? Could it be that you haven’t invested in your learning on this subject in a meaningful and structured way? Why are you waiting for something else “perfect” to come along?

You might be thinking “Next time, that’s when I will do the course.” Sure, there is always a next time, although I don’t know if I will run this course again and if I do, when I will run it. This time is literally the best time to do it.

How much money would you give to feel confident, love your fat body, feel at ease around food? How much is that worth to you? I bet it’s worth more than $1297.

What incredible things could happen in your life if you truly loved yourself? The possibilities truly are endless.

Don’t put off your happiness for another day, you CAN live a life filled with joy, food peace and a middle finger firmly in the air to the diet culture/the man/any other dickwads out there. Join us, and let’s get there together.

And remember…you are worthy. You always were, and you always will be.




Fierce Fatty Academy literally changes lives! Don’t believe me? Check out these videos below:

Psst: Each video has captions (press cc on the video) and a transcript (see orange button below)


Susie - Fierce Fatty Academy Member

“I was just not living before. I was a shadow of a person (before Fierce Fatty Academy). I wasn’t living my life at all”

“I was really impressed with the information, the way it was delivered, it was so clear”

“Now that I love myself I can let other people love me"

“My life has really changed in the last few months”

“Doing this work has enabled me to do things I’ve always wanted to do”

“Thanks again for the really brilliant course. It changed my life”

Mandy - Fierce Fatty Academy Member

“You’ve helped me find hope”

“It's been amazing, you've been a godsend, really.”

“Doing this course you get the guts and tools to work on (your) fears”

“Life-changing! It’s so worth it”

“I love the bonuses…the group calls”

“With these negative beliefs and stuff, you stop living. “

Bay - Fierce Fatty Academy Member

“It is awesome. It's very empowering.”

“Everybody can benefit from this kind of stuff, and you're really good at it.”

“It's such a precarious anxiety-laden existence just trying to like balance on the knife's edge of like, "Well, I don't wanna like become anorexic, but at the same time I can't like have a milkshake because that's evil."“

“[Fierce Fatty Academy] could completely transform how you think about yourself and your body and your self esteem.”

Michelle - Fierce Fatty Academy Member

“I would still be on that dieting cycle. It's just exhausting.”

“ I'm tired of trying to fit into a society standard that's unrealistic and I just don't want to do it anymore.”

“Things that I love the most was being able to connect with other women that are similar to me in the same kinds of situations.”

“Victoria is a very trustworthy person and she's very good at what she does and I wouldn't hesitate to join the class again. “

Other BAM POW LIFE clients and what they have to say about me and my work:


"I've listened to a lot of podcasts, read an unbelievable amount of books, and no matter how much I tried on my own I wasn't successful. The content of this course alone is a game changer. I used to think that nothing would help me. This did. Victoria has an energy about her that even just watching or listening to the lessons you feel like you're getting the support of your very best friend. As if that weren't enough you get the most amazing group support. It's such a safe space. My life was missing community and friendships. I've joined several groups, but never felt connected. You will in this group. You will absolutely love it! You need this in your life. It's a necessity."



"It's totally worth it! Full of great information and help for confidence and body love and acceptance, with a great community!! Victoria is amazing at what she does and helps us realize the badasses that we are to take on the world! Very life changing!!" 



"Get ready to do a lot of introspection, awesome resources, and a whole lot of laughing (Victoria, you're fucking hilarious. I love it). "



“I can honestly say it feels like you have a friend in Victoria, someone who will back you up and definitely pump you up.  I am truly looking forward to continuing my own journey to confidence and self acceptance with this course and would recommend it to anyone looking to move forward in their own journey."



Just wanted to share with you that meeting you and working through your program was a highlight of 2017 for me.

For the first time in my life I seriously considered the question of “what if I am perfect as I am right now?” “What if losing weight is not going to solve life’s problems and instead if I just have fun with clothes and food and friends won’t that feel better?”. 

I find myself often reflecting on that bad ass body confidence question now as an automatic response whenever I start to get into self hate mode. Neat! 

I now have a wardrobe I love, I exercise because I realize I like to move and I am more kind with myself when eating to sooth emotions. Still quite a journey but I have you to thank for believing in me , sending cool pop up kitty cards of encourage and most importantly offering a new perspective that rocks!! 


Firstly, Victoria is an absolute blessing to humanity. Secondly, I did 75% of the course and stopped due to my wedding taking over my life. I just finished the last 25% and laughed because I have been personally working on the last 3 lessons for the past couple of months and I hadn't even watched the videos. She is that good.

Being apart of Victoria's brain child has truly changed my view on the world and my view of myself. I am a rock star, a bodacious beauty and an important bad ass woman. I am moving my life forward for the better - I feel as if nothing can get me down. 



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